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As July 4th nears, 100,000 users have created a CareerFingerprint™
and are now being recruited for the job of their dreams.

SAN DIEGO July 3, 2007 –  This Independence Day, more and more job seekers are seeking a new avenue for their employment search—one that promises not only to free them from unsatisfying work, but from the tedious and often frustrating job search process as well. Online recruiting matchmaker today announced a 250% membership growth since May 1, 2007, with membership topping 100,000 in early July.   Billing itself as “Like Dating for Jobs”, the career management site allows users to create an anonymous profile called a CareerFingerprintTM, which includes a work-values assessment, dream company list, recruit-me criteria (salary, travel, experience, etc.) and prior company experience rating system.

According to CEO/President Mike O’Brien, the company’s innovative passive recruiting approach enables people to continue working their day job free of employment search hassles. Climbers are only contacted when the right job opportunity comes along.  “Creating a CareerFingerprint is simple and valuable,” explains O’Brien. “Through the work-values assessment, the Climber learns about what they value within the workplace, which allows our algorithm to match them with organizations who share the same values.  We can then remove approximately 95% of job opportunities that are not aligned with a user’s work values.  Based on our research, we’ve learned that if an employee’s work values are congruent the organization’s, he or she will be happier and more productive on the job. was designed to quickly and effectively identify those work values, and the result is not only a happy candidate, but a happy employer as well.  The best part is, since our Climbers are passive job seekers, they can continue in their job, in anonymity, until the perfect opportunity comes along.”

Lawrence Lessard is one of’s most recent success stories. Lessard joined in June and was recruited by as a 3D Animator.  “It was cool,” Lessard explains. “I created my profile and then received an email a week later which invited me to review a job.  I was a 79% work values match with the organization, so I accepted the invite and am now interviewing with the company.”

Darik Volpa, CEO of and a customer also values the system. “Our best performers completed the evaluation process to generate our CompanyDNA,” Volpa says. “Then found us some great candidates, Lawrence included, who matched our CompanyDNA.” provides a similar value for organizations looking to add the right people and avoid the increased workload associated with resume bombers.   “For an organization we can reduce the application flow and allow them to spend time with people who are great fit for their organization, thus increasing quality and decreasing time to hire,” says O’Brien. launched its service in April of this year and is the only online career management site which compares a company’s best employees with passive job seekers who have completed the same evaluation process.

Mike O’Brien is available for immediate comment at (619) 618-4201. For more information or to create a user profile, visit

About is a ground-breaking online career management site for today’s highly diverse, talented professionals and the companies who seek to employ them. Through its innovative recruiting system, has created double blind system that pairs companies and passive job seekers based on their CareerFingerprint™ (a proprietary work values assessment) and in-depth profiles. This reduces the applicant pool and improves the chances of a candidate being Qualified, Available and Interested (QAI). Climbers (passive job seekers) benefit by being matched only with companies who share their workplace values and professional ideals. This ensures that members will only receive information on companies uniquely suited to their employment preferences and career goals -- creating a perfect match!

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