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PROFILE: Protein and peptide analytical biochemist and structural biologist with over fourteen plus years of combined research experience in both academia as well as in industry. Isolated, purified and characterized several different native and recombinant proteins and enzymes in large amounts from natural sources as well as inclusion bodies by employing various separation, biochemical and biophysical techniques that includes using the AKTA pure FPLC for Affinity, IEX, HIC and Gel filtration (SEC) chromatography, Western blot, SDS - PA electrophoresis, CD, AUC (sedimentation equilibrium and velocity), UV and Fluorescence polarization spectroscopy. Throughout my research career, I have done extensive studies on protein structure-function and stability employing a number of biochemical and biophysical methods mentioned above including X-ray crystallography. I have also performed protein-protein, protein lipid and protein-small ligand interactions studies using Pull-down, BIACORE, ITC, Tryptophan fluorescence and labeled FRET-pairs based methods. Characterized enzymes via steady state and fast enzyme kinetics methods using stopped flow and microplate reader. Generated, purified and conjugated protein/peptide antibodies for structure function studies. Chemically synthesized, purified and characterized, various linear and inter/intra disulfide containing peptides using wide array of chromatographic techniques (HPLC, FPLC, LCMS and Amino acid analysis) and performed bioassays (RIA, RRA, ELISA). Developed a high throughput fluorescence based phosphate sensor to monitor kinetics of phosphate release in real time upon hydrolysis of ATP/GTP bound proteins. * Engineering and design, purification and characterization of therapeutic proteins, enzymes and TCR-Ig, DVD-Ig mono & bi bispecific, monoclonal antibodies including Fc- fusions and various glycan variants for invivo PK/PD, DMPK and invitro studies * Expertise in analytics (structural, thermodynamic, kinetics and functional characterization) of macromolecules including proteins, peptide and nucleic acids * Data analysis using various graphing softwares including Origin, Matlab, and PRISM and presentation using MS office (excel, Power point, WebEx etc.) * Homology modeling and 3D representation of macromolecules using various programs including Modeller, Swiss-model, Phyre and Pymol * Strong publication record in major peer reviewed journals * Interact effectively and collaboratively with other research scientist within and outside the research group * Productive and independent researcher with excellent communication, problem solving and team building skills, multitasking, and on time planning, execution and delivery of various targets in a fast pace environment * Electronic lab notebook entry (bio ELN), material registration and repository using STARLIMS softwares * Experience in managing and collaborating with research groups/projects * Mentoring experience (Postdocs, Graduate and rotation students) * Scholarly activities (reviewing scientific papers for the journals and dissertations) of 5 Curriculum Vitae Mishra, Ashwini. K. PROFESSIONAL RESEARCH EXPERIENCE: