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Physical Scientist - 15 Years of Experience - Near 20646


Physical Scientist

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Qualifications: Over ten years in data analytics, predictive modeling, applied statistical analysis, and data visualization. Holds Doctorate in Engineering. Five years managing research projects including database administration and data warehousing. Over five years in database design. Over five years working with NLP. Twenty years experience in research and software development for the United States Navy and NIST. Demonstrates exceptional leadership and proposal preparation skills. Expertise encompasses safety and risk analysis, program management skills, engineering, data analytics and statistical analysis, machine learning and computer programming. Skilled with R, SQL, JAVA, CASSANDRA, MONGO DB, FORTRAN, LINUX, UNIX, MS WORD, EXCEL, ACCESS, POWERPOINT, JIRA, HADOOP, GITHUB, AWS. Key Accomplishments: Led a team to produce an online Oracle/SQL database to capture all Center employee skills and capabilities. Performed Monte Carlo hydrocode simulations to model highly complex shock, vibration, and detonation phenomena. Developed an inertial confinement cylinder for explosive characterization and invented a method of ANFO desensitization for counter-terrorism, which generated two patents. Invented a method for treating cancer using decaying, radio-labeled, targeted lymphocytes, for which the Navy Department submitted a patent application received a U.S. Navy Invention Award. Listed as the primary author of more than 40 publications in peer reviewed journals. Career Synopsis Data Scientist, AINS/EEOC contractor, Washington DC Headquarters .2014 - Present Perform Applied Statistical Analysis, Predictive Modeling, Data Mining and Big Data Analytics using multiple platforms on extended demographic datasets using R and SQL. Statistically model, analyze, and visualize large demographic datasets. Perform BIG DATA analysis of multimillion record databases using R, SHINY, SQL, and JAVA . Generate OLAP cubes. Utilize cloud system development with R, HADOOP, and Cassandra. Create linked data sets and lead ETL Data Warehousing projects for extensive data compilation using R and Mongo DB. Manage a team of JAVA developers using JIRA and GitHub. Develop in R, JAVA, SHINY, RLDB management. Perform code documentation. Skilled in machine learning, classification algorithms, recursive partitioning trees, visualization, and clustering methods. Use AWS cloud. Scientist, Contractor - NASA Optics Division, Prognosys LLC, Bellatrix Energy . . 2006 - 2014 Perform mathematical analysis of theoretical models using Mathematica and MATLAB to support optical design and infrared imaging technologies and data visualization for NASA. Design and develop point-of-care medical diagnostics systems for biomedical applications and Big Data capture and analytics of biomedical patient information. Perform JAVA programming utilizing Natural Language Processing for biomedical applications and human-computer interactions, Programming for cell phone based data capture with telecommunications technology. Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Division Research Physicist/Team Leader, Energetic Materials Research and Technology Department 1995 - 2005 Supervises scientists in detonation initiation while overseeing database development, explosive response modeling program, and thermobarics development program. Expert in all aspects of risk analysis and safety. Accomplished successful computer modeling of detonation phenomena and shock reactivity of explosives using hydrocodes using parallel processing performed successful experiments to validate hydrocode models of water/structure interactions during shock loading. Perform extensive mathematical modeling of hydrological physical phenomena. * Validated computer modeling codes for underwater shock interaction with structures. * Modeled ruby gage pressure measurement experiments using the CTH hydrocode. * Developed an online Oracle database to contain all Center employee skills and capabilities. 103 Cornwall Court La Plata, MD 20646 G. Paul Chambers, Ph.D. (240) 461-7090 Career Synopsis - Continued Naval Research Laboratory Research Physicist, Condensed Matter and Radiation Sciences Division 1991 - 1995 * Researched and led projects in particle/solid interactions and radiation detection. Configured electronic systems to detect trace levels of nuclear isotopes. Investigated the basic mechanisms of thin film growth. Surface Branch Modification Naval Research Laboratory