Theodore P

Mechanical Engineer - 20 Years of Experience - Near 01851


Mechanical Engineer


Lowell, MA

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SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Mechanical engineer / manager with extensive background in engineering, design and manufacturing in various industries including, medical devices, analytical instruments, automation and robotics, consumer electronics, Industrial laser, photonics/telecommunication, optical molding and assembly, and industrial electronics. Excellent cross-disciplinary and system level skills - Mechanical, Electrical / Electronic, Optical ACCOMPLISHMENTS * Developed High Resolution "chip-on-tip" Camera for Robotic Endoscope. Considerer highest technical and schedule risk project. Completed and verified before any other robot subsystem. (Medrobotics Corporation) * Designed and built only revenue generating product in history of company: Complex Development / Test system to control all process parameters and record all system conditions of silicon based miniature fuel cell. Delivered and installed at Japanese multinational electronics corporation. (Liliputian Systems) * Single-handedly designed and built three custom laser marking systems for batch process marking and inspection of lot code on heads of bone screws. Includes all mechanical, electrical, design, assembly, wiring, etc. Delivered to well-known medical device manufacturer. (FOBA) * Designed a "through-the-scanhead" machine vision system for adaptive laser marking. Became a popular and profitable upgrade option. Five years later design was virtually unchanged and sold with almost every system. ( Virtek Laser Systems now FOBA). * Designed and built first automatic 0.1 micron 3-D laser optical alignment machine. Success was key to design strategy for automation line. (Nortel Networks (formerly Coretek, Inc.)) Specified sourced and managed large automation projects. * Reviewed design proposals and directed design changes where appropriate. * Monitored schedule and performance. * Provided assistance with troubleshooting and problem resolution. * Designed and built equipment for assembly and test of high-volume disposable medical devices. * Provided troubleshooting and design improvements for problem areas of existing equipment.