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Summary of Qualifications: Creative and innovative business development specialist. Possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills. Demonstrated ability to work large accounts. Warm and friendly personality and presentation skills that attracts loyal customers. Deeply passionate about learning new ideas and concepts then putting them into action. Persistent about exceeding expectations, goals and objectives for employers, coworkers and especially customers. Summary - Consilience Engagements Consulting is dedicated to helping individuals become pacesetters by identifying, developing and refining their innate character strengths, competencies and talents. With over 30 years of business experience my clients come to better understand how to spot and take action on emerging opportunities how to create engaging and sticky communications on the phone, during live presentations, in marketing documents and business proposals, and social and business media how to effectively implement strategies and tactics to manage large accounts and how to use modern communication technologies for curve busting sales results. 2003 - 2014 Account Manager CCS Presentation Systems, Denver, CO Summary - Business Development activities produced $37 Million Dollars of Revenue or nearly two-and-half to three times expectations. Inducted into CCS Presidents Club 2014. My work product spun off enough profitability that created two more sales positions as well a full-time trainer. Perhaps more importantly the company was able to move away from contract labor towards what became Colorado's best Audio Visual installation, integration and engineering team. Position Requirements and Responsibilities Conducted informative demonstrations and sales presentations - I was hired to help grow a business something I know I most definitely accomplished. This position provided me the opportunity to perform daily something I have always loved doing which was to communicate effectively in person and on the phones. Thoroughly and continually researched market opportunities -Successes initially came about from the diligent work I put into developing relationships with Colorado's K-12 school districts & institutions for higher education Applied Large Account Management Strategies and Tactics - Knowing what to search for, which critical details mattered most, how and who to talk to was the reason I adhered closely to the principles laid in out in Miller-Heiman's work, Large Account Management. Though technically, the district's purchasing departments placed POs - knowing that their procedures can never be underestimated - it was in finding the real buyers, those who had the final say so, the ultimate stamp of approval alone or in committee, that led to so many wins. Wrote engaging and winning proposals - Proactivity was my cornerstone approach because had I waited around to respond to bids I would have lost more than I won. Expressing myself strongly, succinctly and professionally happened because my understanding was always based on the goals, objectives, and measures of success that customers thought paramount. Coordinated field activities with installation and engineering teams - The technical nature of the job required an extensive knowledge of architectural design which had to be internally communicated, including understanding of architectural diagrams, and ability to created detailed line drawings. Advanced technological proficiency - I mastered MS Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Adobe Acrobat Pro and Smart Notebook software programs was open to and learned ACT and contact management software kept extensive records on MS Office integrated with telephony voice mail software processed orders on QuickBooks and presented on smart phones, Apple and Android tablets, and laptops. Recognition and Awards - Inductee to Nation CCS Presentation Systems Presidents Club 1998 - 2003 Insurer's World - Western Division Manager, Denver, CO Summary - At the time Robert Waxman Inc. was sold our division was conveyed to our chief competitor mainly as a result of the business relationships that I had developed and managed. Position Requirements and Responsibilities Marketed Insurance Replacement Services to Senior Level Home Office Executives - Researched, proposed, presented both phone based services and software services. Managed Western Division Sales Team and Support Staff - Oversaw all operations associated with the western division the Canton, MA based insurance replacement company. Responsible for hiring, leading, directing, training inside and outside sales staff and support services. Trained Property Adjusters - Recognized trainer for Homeowner's Contents schools for Nationwide Insurance and Farmers Insurance. Trained field property adjusters on use of VIA2000 Estimating Software. 1984 - 1998 Division Manager - Robert Waxman Inc, Denver Summary - Became a high achieving inside sales agent and progressively grew into new roles and with Position Requirement And Responsibilities Promoted to Division Manager - Oversaw all operations associated with the Insurance Replacement division which produced fourteen million dollars of revenue for the Denver based camera and video company. Responsible for hiring, leading, directing, training inside and outside sales staff. Promoted to Field Marketing Representative - Developed Home Office programs for Hartford Insurance, Nationwide Insurance and Indiana Farm Bureau along with several others. Promoted to Inside Sales Manager - Supervised and trained staff of 20 inside phone agents. Insurance Replacement Specialist - Prior to the advent of fax machines and office computers, led division for 18 months with sales averaging over $100,000 a month.