Salih S

Project Managers - 20 Years of Experience


Petroleum Engineer

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Summary of Professional skills and/or expertise:- I had completed 32 years in implementing different projects and implementing different contracts with different international companies such as American, Italian, England and Japanese companies in variety of disciplines (During this period I was driving groups of technicians and engineers Each group consists of 25 individual as less number and I teaming their jobs their salaries their live their feed and I sign their vacation and forms monthly presence. I drive all meetings with other companies and driving along the contracting, I save the necessary protection for the work camp ) The projects carried out in the period above, Which includes installation and programming and operating telecontrol and local control system pumping stations gas turbine or electricity pumps electricity generating turbine gas compressor stations, connect oil and gas wells gas separator stations, heating oil units desulters units, oil processing units storage tanks, fire fighting systems and all oil operations systems : 1-Strategic pipeline Basrah - Haditha 2-Gas compressor -kirkuk 3-Turbo generator-kirkuk 4-Iraqi-Turkey pipeline 5-Oil loading stations 6-Iraqi-syria pipeline both in ainzala and haditha 7-Ajeel oil field in Tekrit including oil wells gathering station, gas separator station (Hp, Mp, Lp), Oil heaters, desulters, oil process, pumpstation, storage tanks, Firefighting system 8-Naftkhana oil field