William W

Structural Iron & Steel Worker - 3 Years of Experience - Near 77351


Structural Iron & Steel Worker

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Seek an environment Objectives with advancement potential limited only by my professionalism and energies applied to the work. Desire to use skills gained in previous careers with my advanced education and experience to develop the safest and most accident free workplace possible. I seek a position with an established company of good reputation to begin my final career journey. I Work well with others Lead by example Promote Trust from the public and Intervene effortlessly and unobtrusively in most crisis situations. Fed cattle and horses Supervised 12 person crew of construction/tradesmen in traveling erection of commercial steel framed/clad, cable tensioned structures. Led construction of 31 projects in 3 states, organized local contractors and vendors to ensure "just in time" materials delivery and minimize workspace/storage footprint at construction sites. Formulated safety plans for employees and conducted safety training and equipment familiarization with newly purchased or unfamiliar rental equipment. Led basic first aid and CPR training while certifying 12 persons using American Red Cross approved curriculum. Inspected critical welds and torqued joining's during construction prior to project completion. Average project footprint = 155,000 square feet. Other Part-time employment during high school & college repaired equipment constructed pipe corrals and working pens using arc welder and oxy-acetylene cutting equip. Constructed and repaired all manner of fencing. Constructed 2,400 square ft. wood frame steel clad horse barn with tack room and kitchen. Responsible for all aspects of construction including cabinets in kitchen and bathroom plumbing & fixture installation finish carpentry. Constructed water impoundments with heavy equipment planted grazing crops for cattle cut-raked-rolled hay. Gathered cattle doctored sick and lame cattle prepared calves for shipment to feedlots and maintained 10 horses for use upon the ranch. Opened Responsible for keeping order within Mountainside Dormitory and maintaining a quality environment conducive to good study and rest hygiene. Distributed hygiene paper, conducted inspections of fire extinguishers and dorm rooms to identify and write up hazards and damage to university property. Duties were exchanged for Room and Meal Plan at University Cafeteria. and closed establishment 4 days per week. Responsible for sales of beer wine and liquor to guests and other patrons. Stocked inventory mixed drinks developed signature drinks to increase sales. Cleaned/sanitized glasses dishes and utensils each day complied with TABC regulations Texas Penal Code Texas Health Code and local regulations to keep owners in compliance. Responsibilities included mowing all areas and general yard work maintenance on boiler system general cleaning and upkeep on 28 unit Duplex Rental Apartments. Added chemicals to water softener system maintained resident laundry facilities and executed general janitorial duties in exchange for free apartment. Worked after school for general mechanical/auto body repair business (part-time). Responsibilities included sweeping cleaning mowing feeding and watering the 3 Doberman Pinschers that guarded the property at night. Performed general mechanic labor under supervision. Performed simple body repair of automobiles and light trucks under supervision. Ordered retrieved and returned parts for vehicles and equipment as directed under supervision.