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Project Manager

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Accomplishments include work in data centers for builds, consolidations, migrations with remediation, network connectivity, new application roll out, corporate cyber security and traffic management through to integration of voice requirements that include call managers, voice clusters and call center applications - all with life cycle support. Builds and leads collaborative project teams that include engineers from many specialized areas such as in security, LAN/WAN, private networks, hardware and application engineers for stellar outcomes. Well versed in managing third party vendors as well as infrastructure such as for firewalls, traffic storage and management appliances, network switches, routers, multiplexers, voice clusters, roll out of new application servers as well as criteria for routing tables, VLANs, subnets, IP addressing, application definitions are staged and tested for viability prior to Changes. Proactively communications the pertinent detail required by C Level Managers, stakeholders and project team for tracking criteria such as budget status, benchmarks for resource/task performance, deliverables and timeline. Strives for excellence and professionalism in all things. Of utmost importance, believes that people make the difference in results and client satisfaction. Achieves top ratings. Distinguished Track Record For Accomplished Technical Innovations * Professional Manager - Seasoned leader generates insightful plans for effective results that address goals and objectives. Understands strength gained with strong relationships for professional client positioning with proactive communications. * Technology Expertise - Excels in driving diverse technical projects in data center infrastructure, new server application rollout and advanced network services. This includes the Cloud services and fiber based solutions. Integrates hardware delivery, consultative application development including protecting corporate security for resilient voice, data, security, traffic management applications. Business Savvy - Proven skills to accomplish effective gap, risks and quality assurance reviews for insightful optimizations and reliable outcomes. Creative Thinker - Focuses on the key client drivers to emphasize the competitive value the business partnership can offer. Leverages services such as technical expertise, resource availability, maintenance support, troubleshooting, design reliability and life cycle support. Collaborative, Productive Team Builder - Adeptly identifies the expertise and resources required for successful project execution. Builds productive, global project teams and leads third party vendors' efforts. Ensures plan delivery includes robust risk assessments, quality assurance and addresses gaps in scope. 'Hands On' Implementer - Accomplishes crisp, reliable implementations with 'attention to detail' using the PMBOK processes. Project plans developed with end user reviews to identify scope definition, required tasks for resource/ timeline/ dependencies/ deliverables, UAT and financials focused on customer satisfaction. Best practices are continually reviewed for updates from 'lessons learned' reviews. Adept Professional Communicator - Well versed in the preparation of professional communications and hosting agenda driven meetings. Critical belief in listening carefully, restating understanding for common joint agreement and then documenting for successful outcomes. Maintains project information in tools such as MS Office Suite & MS Project, SharePoint, SmartSheet, OP, DCP, and corporate systems.