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Construction & Building Inspector - 6 Years of Experience


Construction & Building Inspector


Mesquite, NV

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(July 5th through present Gas Gathering Specialists) Summary of qualifications I have been an Industrial Electrian for over 20 years have been both a Foreman and General Foreman have achieved MY Osha 30 certification NCCER certification have been in charge of Quality Control, have been responsible for safety, installed gear and knocked out gear, have been responsible for the on time completion of projects and maintaining the budget of projects. Veriforced OQ's in 202, 203, 401, 404, 405, and 607 Nodak Construction was the welder on their pipe line as well as/ heavy equipment operator farmsco welder on their 10" pipe and smaller this was for their farm operations as well as their water works projects for the county, Dees welder for their water craft this was welding on cast aluminum which is the hardest metal to weld because it is so thin it burns through if you're not good enough to boil out the sand and make the weld within seconds this welding was one of the most challenging. I have done custom welding on antique cars as a side line fabricating new parts as needed to replace the parts that have been rusted away while sitting out in fields. I attended the east grand forks tech school for welding during this period we studied welding metallurgy which studies the heat affected zone of the welds the different types of metals and how they interact with each other the filler rods used to make a good weld we studied the concept of beeping and the need to clean after each pass the types of caps and how they effect the welding process. This was an intense 10 month course that covered every aspect of welding upon completion we were testes and the tests were sent into the states for certification.


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