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QUALIFICATIONS: Technical Skills: * Project management expertise. * Design and implementation of IT networking systems. * Design and instrumentation of electrical control and instrumentation systems. * Design and implementation of SCADA systems. * Six Sigma greenbelt project experience. * Process design and management expertise. * Data analyst capabilities. * CFR documentation for Pipeline and Pharma. * System commissioning, testing, documentation, and troubleshooting expertise. * Various PLC programming expertise. * Various scripting language programming capabilities. * High level programming capabilities with emphasis on various .NET languages * Virtualization of physical to virtual machines * Development of Archive and Back-up strategies for partial or complete systems. * Documentation development to meet and/or exceed governing requirements * Contract and budgetary management * Personnel and contractor supervision - includes assignments, assessments, and interviews. Programming: * VB.NET, C#.NET, Perl script, Python (functional novice), legacy C and C++ * VBA, SQL (current and legacy versions), MS Access, SSRS * PLC factory training for RSLogix5/500/5000, Modicon, and Toshiba * Factory training on SCADA design and code for Wonderware, iFix, Telvent, and ICONICS Operational Software: * Windows 7,10, legacy OS * Microsoft Office 2013 - includes extras like Project, Publisher, PowerPoint, Visio, and Access * Outlook, Explorer, Notepad++, Visual Studio 2012 - 13, Cisco, TeamViewer, GoToMeeting, etc * Communications packages like Jabber, Putty, Telnet * Frequent use of VMWare and familiarity with HyperV virtualization packages. * AFE, MOC, CRM, and SharePoint as a document, report, and project\process control platform * These lists are not intended to be comprehensive but are a generalization of what I had accessed on a regular basis in my previous positions.