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Mechanical Engineer

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Successfully developed and manufactured the next 2 generations of wood pellets to replace coal that water proof and more dense. * Overcame technical problems with a first of its kind high pressure combustion of biomass directly into a gas turbine. Designed developed and finalized a unique cellulosic ethanol process utilizing corn stover and paper mill sludge. ( Designed developed and installed a novel bio-drying/burning process that reduces the manufacturing cost of ethanol by 33% with a 18 month cash flow payback. ( Redesigned the bio-drying/burning process to accommodate the Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO's) that eliminates manure spreading and creates green electricity. ( Doubled revenue and simultaneously tripled EBITDA of a 120 person engineering design firm in the first year. ( Secured a new cogeneration design project that added $1.4 million to the bottom line through the use of shared savings project financing. ( Negotiated the nation's first lower industrial natural gas utility rate creating annual savings of $7.5 million. division. the industrial design group while hiring staff, securing projects and developing processes. ( Obtained the firm's first full service industrial design project that produced fees in excess of $1.0 million. ( Developed the feasibility study that led to the firm's first industrial project. * ( Developed a new process design that recovers waste from paper mill landfills for use as paper making fiber while reducing the landfill volume by 50%. Project Manager University Pilot Plant relocation including a new off-machine coater * Vice President/Operations Manager * ( Obtained a new client that became the company's second largest and added in excess of $1.0 million to the division's bottom line. ( Increased revenues and eliminated deficits by increasing the division's client base. ( Secured a utility study for a $420 million power line from MN to WI.





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