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Materials Corrosion Engineer - 15 Years of Experience


Materials Engineer

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AREAS OF EXPERTISE Troubleshooting, Analysis and Problem Solving Diagnostic Testing and Verification Quality Assurance / Control Familiar with Safety Guidelines / Procedures Visual Inspection / Diagnostics Industry Specification Compliance Oil and Gas Industry Product / Process Development Coordination Problem Resolution Documentation / Presentations Leadership Materials Production Audits Accomplishments * Managed a team of twelve metallurgical engineers supporting project engineering and operations. Provided leadership, established priorities, as well as set direction and work completion schedules. Delivered materials, welding, and corrosion scope of work on time and on budget. Resulted in an overall cost savings to projects of US $ 3 million. * Performed experimental welding to evaluate new automated welding equipment and techniques for welding critical weld joints of corrosion resistance alloys. Evaluated the test data and directed site welding contractor to use appropriate welding equipment and techniques consequently increasing production by US $ 9 million. * Provided materials engineering technical support to quality control inspectors to verify product quality and visual inspection of wrought, cast and forged products prior to delivery to jobsite. Resulted in a cost savings of US $ 8.5million. * Worked closely with Project Engineers, Operations, Asset Integrity, and materials Suppliers. Provided technical input to monitor and eliminate materials production problems. Resulted in cost savings by US $ 3.5 million. * Completed several materials production mills audits to qualify plate, as well as cast and forged material manufacturers and rolling mills prior to placing mill orders for large projects. * Resolved materials selection and welding issues during the design and construction phase of onshore/offshore oil and gas projects. Resulted in cost savings of US $ 6 million. * Performed corrosion testing of downhole tubulars and casing materials to assess suitability of downhole tubular materials for new oil wells. Analyzed the test results and provided recommendations to Wells Engineers for materials selection and corrosion monitoring. Resulted in a cost saving of US $ 12 million.





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