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I have credit for two (2) actuarial exams, three (3) CEBS courses, several MBA courses and have previously served as an enrolled actuary in addition to the following: I am currently a Home Equity Mortgage Underwriter at the Bank of America in Farmington, CT. 290 Westerly Terrace Rocky Hill, Connecticut 06067 To Whom It May Concern: This letter serves as my application for any positions which your organization may have available. I also offer my comments below to better apply my experiences. I had spent many years in the Group Pension Contractholder Services Department serving acting as a liaison between personnel within the department, between Aetna and external contacts and between external contacts in highly matrixed relationships both in pension customer servicing and in developing resolutions to assigned management level projects to project the most positive image of Aetna to our customers. I often initiated proactive considerations for new products/services with our clients and Field personnel. This often involved the development of persuasive, effective oral and/or written presentations/proposals for our customers and their representatives. This experience also involved the sales, sales support, marketing, underwriting, product development, legal compliance and customer service support [for, chiefly, 401(a) plans but also for 403(b) plans, 457 plans and IRA�s; defined benefit and defined contribution plans of all types included] to our related departments, clients and Field forces regarding preparation and presentation of contracts, Financial Services, Financial consultation and the analysis and prompt resolution of problems affecting the constant balancing of the needs and expectations of customers/internal departments with efficient and profitable ways of Aetna doing business. Work process development/ evolution and its effectuation into the business processes have been an integral area of responsibility in my work. I have established the early databases on competitive products and services, competitive strategies and identification of Aetna�s responsive tactics in order to expand and/or preserve Aetna�s position in the given marketplace. Effective development and conveyance of product communication, the balancing of resources, interaction with all levels of audiences, rapport, training and confidence-building with customers as well as co-workers, the evaluation of new ideas and the implementation of those which promise positive returns for Aetna and the active solicitation of performance feedback have all been a part of this extensive experience. Overall understanding of the customers needs/expectations through constant open, candid communication and the appropriate empowerment/education of Team members to accomplish what needs to be done for the advantage of both the customer and Aetna, given our emphasis on maximizing profit and increasing efficiencies while keeping high levels of accuracy and customer-responsiveness, form the prime focus of what we tried to accomplish. This was done in an open, supportive and cooperative environment for Team members as well as in our attitudes towards clients� concerns. These same developed skills and traits as well as my actuarial (valuation), C.E.B.S. exams, exams for the Society of Actuaries, experience rating, financial and mathematical (B.S. in mathematics from S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook) training have been carried over to the Aetna Health Plans organization where I have worked with both internal sources and Field Network Management on EPDB, MCS, AECCLAIMS, CHPL, DAF, IDF and AAS through the development of a Provider Hospital Database for Network Reimbursement, my work in surveying and measuring Network Adequacy compared to existing Network Composition Guidelines established for each primary service, specialty and hospital by working in conjunction with the Network Managers and their staffs and maintaining the Network Differences ( by product and network ) library in CHPL, direction of the UM Provider 800 Numbers maintenance for AAS production and the development and maintenance of the Service Area information for NISS. I have also been involved with the development of the network Site Fact sheets and the Network Descriptions. My work has continued to be customer-focused, accurate, timely and reliable. It has required extreme attention to detail, dealing with all levels of management, proactive involvement in establishing lines of communication and data flows and the establishment of strong confidence and credibility in dealing with Field Network Management and associates. There have been other traits and skills which have been derived from this experience which are relevant to what is needed in this position: a) strong knowledge of pension organizations, systems and products and familiarity with service, legislative and research processes b) strong analytical/business problem-solving skills c) effective written and verbal communications ability with all levels including senior management (internal and external to the company; clients'), with Field/Sales personnel, with other Home Office staff and with clients and their representatives on consulting matters as well as preparation of proposals and presentations d) ability to take initiatives and reasonable risk; sound decision-making founded in practicality, profitability and efficiency e) strong desire to work independently as well as in a cooperative and supportive team environment, when appropriate; eager to listen to all parties and consider their perspectives on issues f) personally well-organized as well as able to organize the work of others; strong ability to translate highly complex and technical issues to the comfort level of the audience to which it is being presented; providing universal consulting services; provide the proper levels of varying resources to Team members in order to get the job done accurately, efficiently and profitably g) extensive dealings with effectuating, developing, communicating and explaining general policy positions as well as "the corporate policy" on these issues in clear and concise language h) extensive dealings in the development, coordination and analysis of Underwriting policy, risk management, legal issues and the administrative/service applicability of such policies on clients and the operation of the pension organization i) strong experience in the proactive marketing/sales of pension products/services as well as associated product lines and the actual servicing thereof j) extremely strong client/customer service experience and ability to work with both small case and large case clients to meet their needs with other corporate products and services and with �customer education� k) familiar with company benefit plans through former service as divisional consultant to the Plan Administrator, keeping them abreast of benefit legislation changes; particularly, ERISA, TEFRA, DEFRA, REA, 415 limits Overall, my pension career has been involved with the Legal, Consulting, Underwriting, Product Development, Technical Support, Actuarial and Benefits Administration of both Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution plans. Please consider my background for this position and within your extensive database of applicant qualifications for future offerings. I hope that this mailing will only serve as a preliminary step in further discussions which may ensue. Thank you for your considerations... Sincerely, John F. Van Doran Home Phone: (860) 563-7682 Cell Phone: (860) 983-4376 E-Mail: I have credit for two (2) actuarial exams, three (3) CEBS courses, several MBA courses and have previously served as an enrolled actuary in addition to the following: WORK HISTORY: Currently working as a Home Equity Loan Underwriter for the Bank od America. Financial Services, Specialty Markets & Guaranteed Products Management *Direct activities on Aetna's own pension (defined benefit/contribution) and administrative services *Coordinate all Home Office and Field activities including conservation and expansion of assets and services*Provide technical support to clients & Field representatives; includes establishment, implementation and distribution of competitive intelligence information for internal as well as field/marketing purposes and personnel* Prepare and deliver proposals for adding services, contracts and investment facilities*Resolve client problems through knowledge of investment products, contracts, accounting systems*Develop departmental policy to insure legal and underwriting compliance*Coordinate all aspects of installing new business*Establish and/or enhance favorable client relationships*Assist in personal delivery of financial reports, funding and service proposals and annual disclosure filings.* Provide training and development of personnel.*Serve as back up on supervisor's portfolio*Responsible for approximately one billion dollars of assets under management Pension Customer Relations Full case responsibility for all Northeast regional clients for:*Financial Reports/Sales and Marketing of New products/Funds/Services; includes establishment, implementation and distribution of competitive intelligence information for internal as well as field/marketing purposes and personnel* Defined benefit/defined contribution products and Services*Deferred annuity contracts*Actuarial Valuations*Administration of all aspects of Defined Benefit/Contribution Plan/Contract elements*Conservation of assets & services*Underwriting/Administrative Policy development*Underwriting management including anti-selection/plan specification issues*Marketing and direct client meetings Clients included Aetna Life & Casualty, Johnson & Higgins and General Foods. Group Pension Contractholder Services Management, supervision and training to Division on:* Actuarial Valuation Reports and Processes; New Case establishment; Customer Relationships*Production & Contract/Plan benefit administration*Plan and contract revision*Financial Reports on all (classes of) assets*Contract Deficit resolution*General problem solving Personal account executive/actuarial valuation handling on 30 complex, prestigious major client contracts Group Pension Contractholder Services Direct/supervise staff of 12 in the production of: *Actuarial valuation reports*Tax/Disclosure filings*Liaison to Administration, Marketing, Research and Underwriting departments �Supervise, review and direct all tax filing for clients new to Aetna*Coordinate/Establish all record and procedures throughout all Group Pension Department areas �Establish initial relationship of integrity, credibility and trust with client �Resolve all issues through aggressive reviews/discussions with client and internal departments Total client and Field contact for more than 450 "miniature cases" for department Served as Product Manager for Pension Simplifier Consulting Services, Group Pensions Superintendent, Advance Determination *Supervise, review and direct all tax filing for clients new to Aetna*Coordinate/Establish all record and procedures throughout all Group Pension Department areas Establish initial relationship of integrity, credibility and trust with client �Resolve all issues (underwriting, plan design, financial, systems) through aggressive reviews/discussions with client and internal departments Consulting Services, Group Pensions *Establish procedures on all pension product lines including the establishment of actuarial assumptions for valuations and disclosure filing directions*Prepare instruction manuals *Develop/Prepare instructional classes Group Pension - Actuarial Development & Research *Establish internal records; Prepare disclosure material for IRS tax filing/plan qualification*Perform actuarial valuations*Prepare IRS documents for annual taxes and plan qualification*Discuss/meet with Field personnel, clients and/or their representatives for problem resolution Consulting Services, Group Pensions Aetna Financial Services Major Accounts, Multi-Products Quality and Production Control Management for Government, Corporate, Healthcare and Education plans including Commonwealth of Massachusetts, State of Indiana, city of Washington, D.C., State of New Mexico, city of San Francisco, State of New Hampshire and city of Arlington, Virginia as well as Aetna, Inc. and ING. Includes conformity and compliance to Pension Reform and other legislation and underwriting compliance to plans and corporate guidelines along with production controls and work flow procedures development as well as accuracy and time utilization measurement. National Accounts/Middle Market Sales Support Response to Requests for Proposals (RFP�s) as well as any supplemental materials needed to aid the presentation/sale/marketing of AHP Products; preparation of any other data that the Field Personnel/Consultants may deem needed as required by the prospect/customer; detail the appropriateness of the sale/product offerings to the employee group National Accounts/Middle Market Sales Support �Management of special project work on data security, reimbursement/ claim repayment, system interfaces, hospital reimbursement� Maintain Network Differences system, tracking nationwide changes in EPO,PPO, HMO, Managed Care and related insurance product networks for Aetna. �Maintain National Networks of Provider UM Numbers and Network Service Areas �Design and direct resolution of management level projects including workflow efficiencies Enterprise Provider Data Management *All responsibilities as in Pension Customer Relations (below) plus total Marketing & Administrative responsibilities for Special Markets (Unions, Municipalities and Associations); Sales and Coordination of GIC rates/contracts/deals with Underwriting Department and Aetna�s Financial Division


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University of Hartford Actuarial Science 1995 Specialist Degree
University of Hartford Certified Employee Benefits Specialist 1995 Specialist Degree
SUNY at Stony Brook Mathematics 1971 Bachelor Degree




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