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Business and Industrial-Organizational Psychologist - Award-winning executive and organizational development expert



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Looking for interim COO or Chief Strategy Officer positions, or provide executive development services to executive teams, for organizations going through- or needing to go through- organizational change and growth. Globally recognized for a transformational executive development approach that aligns the highest achievable potential of executives and the executive team with the highest potential of the organization. Strategic and organizational change decisions based on real and concrete data. Infrastructure and the workforce are aligned in order to move towards and achieve the strategic vision. There is proper job fit connected to the development of an agile and positive organizational culture. Enhanced bottom-line, measurable FINANCIAL performance through clarity on organizational performance. Discovery and elimination of fraud and bad business behavior while implementing ethics and good governance. A positive and proactive resilient organizational culture with people and processes that maintain optimal flexibility, innovation and response to ongoing changes in the world. Individual measurable growth for managers, executives, and / or board members. Bottomline: waking up individuals and organizations in a fun and powerful way to be willing to develop their full leadership and business potential. Bringing entrepreneurial and performance-oriented tools to exponentially assist the workforce in breaking through challenges and meeting measurable goals. MY BELIEF: It is important to make what could be a painful process a fun and practical one. Ask my clients: there is a lot of laughter in the work we do! We also take organizations to not just the next level, but to many levels of transformation beyond that. Using strength-finding assessments and other professional tools, I show people, teams, and businesses what makes each tick, and how to transform belief systems, business processes and behaviors to maximize agility and innovation and achieve their vision. By listening and giving authentic feedback to people in a positive and proactive way, they find the new information easier to process in order to make necessary changes. And they learn the exact skills, tools and processes to carry on their new healthy foundation and build upon it after I am gone. Joan Pastor, PhD Clients include Boeing, Westland Bank, Germany, The Century Group, UnionBay Sportswear, K-2 Sports, Red Lobster, General Dynamics, Nordstrom's, National Security Agency (Chief Facilitator and Executive Coach), Office Depot, Ameriprise, Scripps Hospitals, ERA Realty, Amtrak, Michigan State University, Amtrak, University of California- all campuses, every current major accounting firm, Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar winners, numerous casinos, and all branches of the US military. Please ask for client list.