Michael P

Well-rounded IT Professional


Computer Programmer


West Cornwall, CT

Education Level:

Trade School

Will Relocate:



Resourceful, creative programmer adept at solving problems.




* Expert in COBOL (20+ years), COGNOS (Powerhouse Data Dictionary—10+ years) * Strong background in HP3000/MPE, Windows NT, UNIX/HP/UX, and commercial DBMS/RDBMS * Web skills include C#, JavaScript, FrontPage, and web servers such as Apache * Experience managing large and multiple full life cycle projects * Experience of working both as a team lead and in a team environment and motivating and communicating with individuals and groups * Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written * Excellent organizational skills * Thorough knowledge of project management (HP, GraniteRock) and project management tools and practices * Ability to work flexibly and on own initiative, and to plan and monitor projects (HP, GraniteRock, Beckman Instruments) * Experience managing medium to large scale software or product development projects in the manufacturing environment (Beckman Instruments) * Experience in working with internal and external partners (HP, GraniteRock, Custom Chrome) * Ability to interface with all levels in customer organization (HP, GraniteRock, Custom Chrome) * Experience working for local government (City of Mountain View, CA, 1984 - 1987)

Companies I like:

Technology companies working with US Govt. Chevron Teledyne Electronics and Communications Raytheon


CollapseJob Skills



* Supported daily operations of applications to manage flight operations and seat reservations for passengers on these flights; corrected data errors and system problems associated with daily operations improving overall service by 35%. (HP) * Interfaced with management to define and develop reporting requirements and changes to existing online applications; defined and developed solution to eliminate no-show passengers on flights resulting in 1.4M savings in charges. (HP)