Ebony M

Licensed Nurse - 5 Years of Experience - Near 76522


Licensed Nurse

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Trade School

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- Service Delivery Operations Team Lead Present -Interpret day-to-day business objectives and prepare/execute operational practices/work programs. Ensure proper execution of processes by team May make decisions about the day-to-day operation of the group including management of work assignments and information between shifts as well as approach regarding workload equipment staffing and scheduling. Includes adjusting work hours as necessary to meet deadlines e.g. overtime evening and weekend hours. -Manage workloads to ensure even distribution of responsibilities and provide development opportunities when available with assistance from supervisor or workforce planner -Meet with project managers on large or complex projects to determine format plan the project timeframe and estimate the project's overtime needs Prior authorization LVN Lead Comprehensive Care Coach 2012-2014 -Assist with medical affairs group (MAG) requests -Identifies and obtain data from various source documents and/or phone calls and enters data appropriately for storage retrieval and processing within the prior authorization system. -Assign and execute work requests for nurses. -Ensures that problems are promptly addressed documented and rectified accurately and on time with the proper follow-up and professional customer service. -Work with supervisors and/ or colleagues to meet daily data entry and quality requirements. - Maintains prompt and consistent attendance and is flexible to departmental needs.