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Electrician - 10 Years of Experience - Near 86510




Pinon, AZ

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To obtain full-time a permanent career and to utilize my extensive training, knowledge and skills. To work safely and collaboratively with others as a team and to bring a positive attitude to the company. * * Experience * * MORTENSON CONSTRUCTION 60 hours a week * ELECTRICIAN * CEDAR CITY, UT/ CRANE, TX April 2016 - April 2017 * Worked at all 5 sites in Cedar City, Utah - Enterprise, Milford, Iron Springs, Granite Mountain East and West for 6 months, after we finished the project in Utah got transferred to Crane, Texas to the Upton Solar Project finished the rest of my time with Mortenson Construction from then on. Solar Journeymen Electrician, DC termination, Combiner Box Termination, Pulling/labeling wires, Connected PV panels in series parallel circuits. Laying underground wires from the combiner boxes to inverter pad. Trouble shooting, DC voltage testing for the # 8 wires and #400 wires. Inspected and replaced all the H-4s to each solar panels. Grounding installed, supervised a 5+ plus crew * * ZACHRY INDUSTRIAL, INC. (Annual shutdowns) 60 hours a week * ELECTRICIAN * PAGE, AZ January 2010 - March 2016 * Worked as a Electrician and wire men to assist fellow electrical journeymen's. Carried, staged, pulled and rolled out 60 amps cable, 120 amps and 200 amps to provide electricity to all the departments. During the regular hours and shut down hours yearly. Staged and installed portable generators and transformers to locations where we wired and terminated. Worked night and days changed every month. Helped bend and install conduit for the plants new wires that were being installed daily. Tested, inspected, and trouble shooted all the generators and wires with a Fluke tester. Worked in and around high voltage cables 4160 and 480 volts. Worked on underground wires, bend and installed PVC pipes for underground duct banks. Stand watch for fire watch and confined space. Worked in 230 feet elevation, had to have a harness protection wear at all times. Installed and staged CLR's (circuit limit receptors) * weighing 500 to 700 lbs in the high voltage facility. * * BASHAS DINE MARKETPLACE 50 hours a week * GROCERY CLERK/ CASHIER * PINON, AZ July 2012 - August 2015 * Met 100 + customers daily. Greet customers with quick and accurate transactions, which were accounted for as sales. Oversee the department of General Merchandise (GM) where stalking items such as, non-food, health, and hygiene products daily were completed. Working on multiple 3rd party companies, which are Western States and L&R distribution. Inventory receiving merchandise daily along with in-store items on shelf. Quota percentage of sales must be met weekly and monthly for divided departments. Daily entry made on Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on the purchases and sales when an order has been delivered. Temporarily work as supervisor for dairy department when needed. * * CUPERTINO ELECTRIC 60 hours a week * ELECTRICIAN * LAS VEGAS, NV January 2006 - January 2010 * As an Apprentice I started out as a labor. The duties there were to assist the journeymen. Worked outdoors in a solar * plant for 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. Six months in being an apprentice, I got promoted to be a wiremen. * Installed, repaired, calibrated and inventoried all electrical devices and wires. Monitored and stand watch for solar * sites, making sure it was functioning to follow the sun daily. Maintained daily log entry. Possess a OSHA 10 card, * MSHA card, CPR certified and union card as an wiremen to show I completed the training and hours. Worked as a * supervisor for a couple of weeks, every other month. Pulled wire in confined spaces, worked in hot and dangerous * weather and areas. * * * Education * Winslow High School Winslow AZ * General Studies 1997 - 2001 * * Naval Training Center Chicago, IL * Engineering Core Training 2001 - 2003 * * South Mountain Community College Phoenix, AZ * Electrical Engineer 2007 - 2009