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Chemical Engineer - 8 Years of Experience


Chemical Engineer

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Experienced with combustion system and process fired heaters * Process design and engineering of oil and gas projects at various levels i.e. conceptual design, design basis memorandum, front end engineering design and detailed engineering design * Major process equipment sizing calculations for pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, separators, drum, columns, tanks, pipe hydraulic calculation (two-phase flow), pressure safety valve sizing and flare network * Developing heat and material balance, Process Flow Diagrams (PFD) and Piping & Instrument Diagrams (P&ID) * Supporting in Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP) to improve performance in health, safety and environmental protection * Extensive familiarity with refinery units such as Hydrotreating, Hydrocacking, Naphtha Platforming (CCR), Hydrogen production, LPG recovery / treating, sour water stripping lubricating oil units and utilities PROFESSIONAL EXPERIE NCE: ParsaPetro Ardakan Company, Yazd, Iran Superior Consultant Chemical Process Engineering Apr, 2014 - Present I am responsible of supervising and control the Design, Building, Exploitation and Report to President Director General (PDG) of Company for Gasoil Blending Optimum Solution with Capacity 500,000 Lit/Day and Condensated Gas Refinery with capacity 20,000 Barrel / Day. Algiers, Boumerdes, Algeria Chemical Process Engineering Oct, 2010 - Nov, 2013 I have cooperative with a company national in Algeria Sonatrach for production and consultation and data query the chemical material and device and instrument field of petroleum. Page 1 TAHERITAGHAVI MohammadTaher, P .Eng. Chemical Process Engineer Boumerdes, Algeria Sep. 2008 - Sep. 2010 Assistance of professor * Mohamed Bogara University - Teaching of the HYSYS software for refinery, petrochemical, chemical industry of engineering student like as Pipeline Project and facilities (EDS and detailed engineering design stages). Performed simulations to predict fluid properties, developed PFD / P&ID, performed process calculations, equipment sizing, prepared equipment and instrument data sheets, prepared engineering design specification (EDS) report, reviewed and checked vendor documents and supported Hazard / Operability studies. Boumerdes, Algeria Feb, 2007 - Oct. 2011 * Mohamed Bogara University I have studied for master degree of Petrochemical Process Engineering at university of Boumerdes Algeria (INH Institute national of Hydrocarbon) that I passed my study in theoretical course first option and I have success experimental of the field production carbon nanotubes. Algiers, Boumerdes Algeria Nov. 2003 - Feb, 2007 Chemical Process Engineer * Self-dependent consultant engineering - Recovery of phosphate from phosphate rock by leaching with a dilute sulphuric acid and precipitating phosphate value as dicalcium phosphate. Responsible for research of pilot and scale of semi-industry production, conducting study on feasibility of water saving are accomplished in the process by the use of sea water instead of fresh water and other such issues raised by Plant Operations based on MOC's (Management of Change) scope of work.


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