John D

Microbiologist - 8 Years of Experience - Near 21788



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SUMMARY Adaptable research driven professional with a multidisciplinary science background that includes molecular and microbiology, and environmental science and engineering in addition to e in healthcare and clinical trials. Demonstrated ability to extract both quantitative and qualitative data utilizing various tools and procedures, including mathematical and computational methods to convert and express relative and understandable results. Methodical problem solver with a unique skill set that includes civil and electrical engineering, computer and systems knowledge, and the unparalleled capacity to rapidly implement new methods and techniques. Additional attributes: * Highly skilled in aseptic and sterile technique used in research and healthcare extensive infection control experience, +500 clinical hours functioning and performing medical procedures in operating rooms and burn units, including Johns Hopkins Bayview Burn Center * Excellent communication, adept at audience assessment, accurate presentation of information and data without oversimplification of critical issues meticulous writer, proficient in APA and MLA formats, experience with reports, proposals, presentations, case studies * Veteran emergency responder with exceptional focus and decision making abilities proven efficient and accurate working in a coordinated manner, with success in independent, group, and team settings, highly effective cross-functional team member * Proficient in medicine: pharmacology, disease etiology, and anatomy and physiology with two years of emergency medicine training as a paramedic along with one year of cardiovascular training and yearly continuing education expert EKG interpretation ability * Trained and experienced in proper clinical and wet laboratory techniques and procedures skilled in lab preparation, appropriate use and maintenance of equipment and instruments, laboratory safety, standard laboratory methods for microbiology, cell and molecular biology, and biochemistry along with other disciplines and dry laboratory operations proficient in field studies and environmental analysis