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CAREER SUMMARY DOCHERTY & PARTNERS, LLC (SF, CA) Founder & Management Consultant Oct 2013 - Present Provided tactical advisement and process disruption as well as strategy formulation and execution for established partners and startups in diverse industries, identifying opportunities and protecting existing business. Business verticals & clients include: Retail (IoT/Mobile) Client: Flextronics (200,000 employees) Create a comprehensive strategy to address opportunities across the Retail Industry, awaiting executive approval, ready to go to market in 2017. Ground Transit Clients: Black Car Fund (30,000 drivers and 10,000 vehicles) Dial 7 (600 Vehicles) Curb (Taxi Magic major app) - New York, NY. Expanded - services provided to drivers and passengers when, who and where could request/pay for a vehicle and protected clients' customer base from disruptive competitors. Travel Ancillary Revenues Clients: GuestLogix ($42B, most major global airlines) in Toronto Perseuss (IATA, most major int'l airlines and banks) Amsterdam. Signed on all major carriers, expanded service to hospitality industry. Mobile Marketing Clients: SweetSpot & Movylo (provide IoT anytime and anywhere to clients and their customers) signed up partners who work with SMBs to market to loyal customers and attract new customers through mobile/cloud personalized offers. Event Planning Clients: EventBrite & FTS (event management, +$15B). Expanded guest support to stay connected in/post an event, increasing revenue provided a vendor solution to stay connected to guests post events doubling vols. Auto Comm. & Marketing Clients: Volta Charging, Visteon & JCI (vehicle as a usage channel). Allow anytime/anywhere commerce while consumer is on the go, hands-free. Apriva, (Scottsdale, AZ) Head of Business Deployment (reporting to President) May 2012 - Oct 2013 Identified major emerging/start-up verticals and key clients, expanding Apriva portfolio by 50% - developed business opportunities defined requirements needed by internal engineering and created spec changes to deliver tailored off the shelf Apriva products and services Business vertical & clients include: Ground Transit Clients: CMT (operate in 170 cities globally, largest integrated taxi technology, $5B) TaxiPass (payment alternative to card/cash). Expanded - alternative pay/payment services provided to drivers and passengers lowered cost and created a global platform to expedite expansion. Travel Ancillary Revenues Client: GuestLogix ($42B, most major global airlines) in Toronto. Provided ability to transact through one gateway rather than one per nation. Provide connection while in-flight to anywhere on the ground - entertainment transit shopping. Event Planning Clients: Mardi Gras & FTS (event management, +$15B). Converted the business model from paper and cash only (ticketing/access/souvenirs/refreshments) to electronic payment based with ability of operators and guests to stay connected via mobile (APP) in/post an event, while increasing revenue and decreasing loss untracked revenues. Restaurant Clients: Dunkin Donuts, Dave & Busters. Defined market size ($400B USA), initial targets and methods of targeting, worked with BofA on their clients to build scale. APPs created to allow real-time rewards/offers and discount mobile device as a booking and payment tool. Laundry Moved coin-operated devices ($5B) to alternative payment (store-value) while eliminating cash-handling, minimized infrastructure change, through Apriva solution provided telemetric data back to the host. Improve customer service and convenience allow consumers remote payment and track machine availability from their mobile. Home Contracting Home Depot contractors provided store-tablet solution for in-home work - order goods on the fly schedule future work (labor and goods) take immediate payment demonstrate a good or a project, costs/options - keep stores and contractors connected.


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