Billie C

General - 1 Years of Experience - Near 79907



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Summary Patient, dedicated and enthusiastic about fulfilling work. Content to be in a position concerning the maintenance and care of children or animals. Also content to be in a position to help or assist others in a mental health setting when needed. Completed a psychology class in High School and Ashford University which went over a general understanding of psychology. Accomplishments * Deployed with A-243 ADA (Air Defense Artillery) Patriot Unit October of 2014 to June of 2015. Second deployment to Qatar. Assisted in maintaining the readiness of my unit's BCP (Battery Command Post) and assisted with paperwork and reports. * Completed WLC (Warrior Leadership Course) from July 30th to August 29th of 2014 where leadership skills were established and developed in future leaders. * Trained and led a new three - person crew through the MO&E (March order and emplacement) drill assignment with the AMG (Antenna Mast Group) vehicle in January of 2014 * Assisted in the success of the LUT Test mission at White Sands Missile Range by utilizing and securing confidential equipment necessary to the mission in October of 2012. * Assisted in training an Infantry Unit while on an OPFOR assignment in April of 2012. * Deployed with A-243 ADA (Air Defense Artillery) Patriot Unit April of 2011 to January of 2012. First deployment to Bahrain. Assisted in maintaining the readiness of the CRG (Communication Relay Group) and the CRG site.