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Exceptional Director of Learning and Organizational Development


Human Resource Training Specialist


Mckinney, TX

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I provide tools to individuals, teams and organizations to make all of them more effective and efficient. Highly skilled presenter and facilitator with exceptional written and verbal communication skills. Co-workers describe me as “high energy,” with contagious enthusiasm and a robust yet always appropriate sense of humor. Problem solver who is comfortable handling multiple projects and can be relied upon to keep the team focused in the middle of chaos. Simply, "I make things happen."


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(Nonprofit continuing professional education entity) (Confidential) 1/2006 - 6/2007
(Major University Continuing Education and Professional Development Division) (Confidential) 8/1999 - 6/2005
(County Government Public Safety Agency) (Confidential) 5/1997 - 6/1999



National-Louis University Adult and Continuing Education 2000 Master Degree
University of Illinois, Chicago Criminal Justice/Sociology 1993 Bachelor Degree



Selected Career Highlights More than a decade of Teaching/Instructing/Facilitating training courses in dozens of topics to include supervision, contemporary management topics, organizational development, organizational communications, effective performance evaluations, professional writing, effective presentations, teambuilding and leading teams, change management, budgeting, grant writing, “bad leadership,” instructor development, motivation, and a variety of “train the trainer” programs. Prepared proposals for Federal Agencies regarding Grant and Research Funding, reports utilizing multimedia and verbal and written materials to advisory groups for major projects regarding progress, upcoming funding, crises, and opportunities. Delivered presentations to Federal, State and Local Government committees and subcommittees for program updates, and provided expert testimony for statewide policy development. Addressed community groups and conducted telephone and face-to-face interviews with news media regarding continuing projects and new projects. Expert researcher for both original research (including survey, raw data collection, and observational data), and meta-research (re-evaluation of previously collected data under different criteria to determine its relationship to different research question or questions). Instructor at the University Graduate level for research methods, including evaluation of “best practices,” selecting comparative organizations by similar demographics/customer base/number of employees/etc. Multiple publications and consulting reports authored, co-authored, or directed for specific topics. Training, implementation, and research of contemporary business theory. Developed curricula, and taught/instructed/facilitated courses to first-line, mid-management, and executive level personnel for dozens of agencies nationally. Designed complete programs for change implementation on team as well as organization level. Administered approximately $100 Million in grants, cooperative agreements and private foundation funding including progress and fiscal reporting, procurement, asset management, and regulatory compliance. Also have served as fiscal officer for multi-jurisdictional program with $15 Million in annual funding. Complete responsibility for annual budgets ranging from $1 to $15 Million, all of which required proposal development, negotiation of contracts for professional services, leased space, equipment, and variety of other services. Developed mechanisms for regular review of income and expenditures to allow for proper financial reporting, adjustment of forecasting, line item re budgeting, and discontinuation of projects/programs. As Director of Training, had oversight responsibility for 75 different course topics. Recruited additional subject matter experts when appropriate. Ensured proper delivery and evaluation methodology. Developed meaningful performance evaluation tools, including web-based student evaluation forms that ensure anonymity and thus increase the level of candidness in response and to identify problems. In a consulting function, evaluated policies, procedures, organizational systems and communications, and potential liability issues for identification, reporting, comparison to similar organizations, recommendation for change, development, communication of and implementation of new systems within organizations. Extensive project management experience, both supervisory and hands-on, in a variety of topics, utilizing GANT and PERT chart planning, interfacing with intra- and inter-agency and contract resources, project management software, and a variety of evaluation tools for constant adjustment of performance criteria and resource allocation. Lead (and instructed others in how to lead) task-driven, employee-involved teams. Researched classic and contemporary leadership texts from variety of genres, “Business” to “Sports Coaching,” and have developed training programs for managers and executives and hands-on teambuilding programs for new first-line and mid-managers. Conducted training needs assessments both on micro- and macro-levels to include job task analyses, interviews to determine self-identified training needs, comparative analysis with similar organizations, evaluation of training resources and gap analyses, evaluation of safety and statutory requirements, cost-benefit analyses, career progression and succession planning, and supervisor and executive management input on individual and overall training focus. Designed and implemented distance-based, computer-based, and video-based learning, as well as interactive E-Learning programs for adult learning. Analyzed and determined costs, benefits, and limitations associated with these learning systems. Developed new courses, identified new market areas and clients, cultivated positive customer relationships, and monitored competitor activity. Designed marketing material, participated in and presented at professional association conferences, and developed electronic marketing (email and website) and related activities.

Companies I like:

Handango, Google, Harley-Davidson, any forward-thinking, team-oriented company that rejects "that's not the way we've always done it" thinking


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Highly skilled presenter and facilitator with exceptional communication skills. High energy team leader possessing contagious enthusiasm with proven ability to resolve complex problems, manage and complete multiple projects in a timely cost effective manner. Recognized for cultivating proactive teams and establishing positive relationships and strategic alliances. Highly skilled in curriculum development and delivery, training needs assessment, selection and training of instructors, program evaluation, and client follow-up. Responsible for developing, delivering and administering new and continuing courses and conferences for first-level, middle and executive managers. Identified new revenue sources (federal and private funding); developed computer- and distance-based learning applications of classroom instructional programs; identified new markets for programs. Taught programs in leadership, ethics, management, team-building, diversity, supervision, writing skills, problem-solving effective communication, technology, supervision of contract services and others.