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Over the course of my 28 year career in Manufacturing, I have been fortunate to work in an assortment of roles in a wide variety of production environments that manufactured a diverse range of products, from diapers to 747 fuselages. For the majority of my career, I functioned in the role of an Operations Manager but my cross functional experience in other support roles allowed me to understand all aspects of the Operation and how each function impacted every facet within a manufacturing facility. In each of my roles, from logistics to procurement and from quality assurance to product or process improvement projects, the common deliverable was directing and supporting the operation by eliminating all forms of waste (Lean) to help the safely produce the best quality product at the lowest possible cost. This career path also gave me the opportunity to work extensively alongside managers with differing management styles and although no one style is necessarily the best, I have found that if there is commonality within the leadership team, the team dynamic is more enabled for success. This was particularly the case while I was a Lean Implementation Consultant at numerous Fortune 500 companies and given this exposure, I would like to take the opportunity to provide a brief overview of my core beliefs and management style to determine if my methods and philosophy are a good fit for your organization. My wide range of experiences instilled in me two core beliefs: First, the understanding that success in manufacturing is completely dependent on how effectively an organization engages, develops and supports personnel on the shop floor – so the greatest value is delivered to the customer. Second, I learned that no two operations are alike and although concepts like process or cost control through the elimination of non-value added activity are universal, the culture must first be properly prepared and the installation of improvement initiatives must be tailored to fit the specific operation. Because of these two core values, I worked hard throughout my career to strengthen my leadership and interpersonal skills and now I subscribe to a participative management style -- where the leadership and support team personnel enter into a true partnership with the team members who are responsible for operating and maintaining the equipment. Given my wide range of experiences and unique skill sets in leading operations personnel while introducing positive culture change to successfully implement Lean and other improvement initiatives, I feel I could bring a considerable amount of value to a facility that is looking for a leader to help introduce a culture that embraces change, supports all key personnel and can help a team looking at making step improvements to become World Class. I very recently resigned from my job at Georgia Pacific in Florida to be with my family, who resides in the Augusta GA area, so I am immediately available to join your team. I look forward to hearing back from you if you feel my expertise and style is a good fit for your team. Please advise if I can provide any further information or answer any questions. Best Regards, Rod Roberson 706-799-3915 (cell)