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THOUGHTS OF A SUCCESSFUL EXECUTIVE I have found as a successful Executive with over 28 years of experience 4 keys to building lasting and productive outcomes: 1) It is absolutely essential to be RESPECTED albeit perhaps unliked (it certainly helps to be both, yet human nature compels many individuals even on the Executive level to seek acceptance as opposed to raising their associates success) 2) It must be known that you are knowledgeable and have their ultimate best interests in mind (your internal and external client) 3) You must show concrete ways to improve your organization’s financial condition and outcomes 4) You must have a motor that runs As important as the 4 keys above are, like noted financial Executive (retired) Nic Murray once told me, it’s like taking a shower, you are expected to perform the above, don’t expect any kudos for it or pat on the back. The above 4 are simply a given. The differences between individuals, Is The Truly Great Ones Know They Can’t Control Everything, What They Can Control Is Productive ACTIVITY (think about it, what control do we have over this economy, interest rates, mortgage meltdowns, etc., these are simply excuses which must be stomped). Another remembrance in which I was further told/educated by, once again another very Senior Exec once many years ago that in every organization, “there is always that one particular stellar performer, The Why Guy, why, he asks are we doing things this way……BE THAT GUY”! I have become “The Why Guy”. Am I or are we using these activities in the best way to reach our/my targeted outcomes? Everyday. When in a hard market, maintain that direction and when the market comes back, and it always does, you will be sitting in the proverbial “cat-bird seat”.