Emmanuel K

Warehouse Clerk - 6 Years of Experience - Near 92544


Warehouse Clerk

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High School/GED

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Qualifications: 14 years in customer service. Computer knowledge in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and explore the Internet. I can operate a copier, fax machine, pc and multiple telephone lines. I am a motivated and enthusiastic person about developing good relations with customers and co-workers. Demonstrate ability to meet the needs of customers. Maintain confidentiality, act in a professional manner when dealing with sensitive issues. I can type 30- 45 W.P.M. Resourceful, energetic, multi-task, results oriented. Excellent work ethics, reliable and punctual, respectful, honest, team leader, team player and accept new challenges. Abbott Zevo Label Operator/Quality Control Inspector/Final Inspector Temecula, CA January 26, 2015-August 19, 2015 I worked in the Relabeling Department. I processed parts that were upon request to be processed and relabeled. I would gather the parts or part depending on the lot and check for any and all defects. I would check for the shelf life and make sure that it was within specification. The next process was to extend the shelf life for another six months. I would then scan all of my Blueprints into the computer. Then set up the printer for new labels for the product. Then I would place the product into a new chipboard box and it's ready for shipment. Set pack Department was similar to relabeling but different. In this department same process as relabeling but in stead the product is placed into a foil pouch and sealed in a machine called sealers. Then it is placed into a chipboard box and ready to be distributed. Abbott Vascular Assembler/Quality Control Inspector/Chemical Coordinator/Final Inspector Temecula, CA September 2005 - June 2012 Outstanding Customer Service, I Started in the Implants Department. We Manufactured stents for the carotid artery. Started with programming of lasers for a particular stent, then inspecting the stent for any defects, then washed and dried, then the process of cleaning them with two different chemicals, then cleaned again with 100% alcohol, then dried and weighted to make sure it was within a specific specification, then checked for final inspecting for any defects, then cleaned final packaging. Second department was Catheters Department where I assembled the catheter together. Started with the tubing used to make the catheters, then measured to make sure it was in a certain length, then it was processed to put the balloon on to make sure the balloon was in certain specifications, then inspected for defects then packaged to goods. Third Department was Nitinol Department. I made longer stents for carotid artery that went into different veins in the human body. Started with programming the lasers, then went to etching station where it was cleaned with a chemical solution then washed 100% alcohol, then inspected for defects and weigh to make sure it was in speck, then went to expansion where depending on the length was taken off then it went to descale where it was cleaned and then processed to polish with a chemical solution then processed to chemical clean where the stent was cleaned again then weighed to make sure it was in speck then process to visual inspection to check for defects and then processed to finished goods. LPL Financial Services Data Entry/Office Assistant La Jolla, CA May 2, 2002-November 29, 2002 I processed Point Break Claim Forms. Point Break Claim Forms are Forms that are used for different client's personnel information. The information that they shared with the staff members on the various Mutual Funds and investing that the staff members wrote down for their clients to keep track of. Entered customers information of Mutual and Investing information into the computer, photo copied various documents for filing as well as looking up various clients information to make sure that it was the correct information before being processed. Learning Resource Center/Grossmont Community College Computer Lab Assistant La Mesa, CA September 10, 1999-March 30, 2000 Performed Data Entry of daily transactions by processing them into the computer, assist students using computer lab by showing them where the various programs are, supervised use of work stations by checking who needs help with various questions, taught or helped students using various computer programs such as Microsoft Excel XP and Microsoft Word XP. Showing the students who came into the lab where to locate a program on the computer, how to save their work on a disk, where to print as well as how to print their documents, and telling them to frequently save their work in case of a power outage or if the computer crashed. SANDAPP/San Diego City Schools Clerical Assistant/Office Assistant San Diego, CA May 3, 1995-August 31, 1995 Maintained daily business procedures such as answering the phones, taking messages, greeting clients who came in and showing them where to go to which staff member, handled confidential files by filling them in alphabetical order by last name, performed Data Entry such as processing the various clients name and information into the computer on a daily basis. Made daily errands by picking up mail or ordering lunch for the staff members, checking the inventory to see which materials need to be restocked and keeping a record of them in a daily log folder. Revenue and Recovery File Clerk/Document Processing Clerk San Diego, CA May 9, 1994-August 31, 1994 Duties include alphabetizing, sorting, filing, indexing, and distributing documents and files keeping simple records and checking records for accuracy. Requires: a knowledge of indexing and filing rules (ability to alphabetize), the ability to read, understand, and follow oral and written instructions and the ability to check and compare information for accuracy and completeness. Performed daily errands by picking up the mail or ordering lunch for the staff members, maintained multi-phone lines by answering the phones and greeting the personnel from different departments, as well as processed and handled confidential files.





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