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Senior Hospital Pharmacist specializing in medication therapy management and hospital pharmacy operations. Expertise is providing a premiere patient and customer experience, while maintaining a sharp, consistent focus on maintaining safety and compliance standards. Offering 20 years of experience, well-versed in acute care, long-term care, and infusion. Thrive when collaborating with other members of the clinical team in order to deliver sustainable therapeutic efficacy that minimizes side effects and maximizes positive outcomes. Continually deliver excellence through advocacy, collaboration, and continuous process improvement. I am looking to focus in Specialty care Infusion or Inpatient hospital care. I have enjoyed supporting the management of complex cases. Consumers value Hospital Safety ratings 97% of the time over costs. What is done in love, with integrity and compassion is done well. Patient experience and feedback are the ultimate metrics in putting the effort to serve. Dedicated to ensuring continued Healthcare support from patient counseling to providing a premiere patient experience focused on safety would be a tremendous benefit to any organization and the public. My chief aspirations and style involve interventions to educate, mentor, learn, improve my skills set and instigate process improvements that promote excellence in organizational goals and visions. As a support professional in the hospital,the primary function is based on a multi-disciplinary team approach to patient care in all demographics (geriatric, adult and pediatric and neonatal), with dedication and compassion. This enabled the professional as well as the support staff to perform with the highest regard for the patients, tending towards a constant focus on respect, therapeutic effectiveness, and safety.


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New England College Healthcare Management 2014 Medical Degree
University of Florida Pharmaceutical Care and Health Sciences 2010 Doctorate Degree



Spotlighted Achievements: -Situation: Potential Errors in Same Names Action: • Developed two patient identifiers integrated in admission, all nursing care processes and computerized order entry for parenteral nutrition in Neonatal and Adult Settings Results: Reinforce as needed. Eliminated Potential error occurrences -Situation: Over-utilization of Parenteral Nutrition Action:• Implemented medication utilization review producing 50% less in parenteral nutrition utilization and about $24K in daily cost savings.•Decreased parenteral nutrition orders, costs, and improved pharmacist interventions for optimizing neonatal patient care. Results: • Utilization review producing 50% less in parenteral nutrition and about $24K in daily cost savings• Decreased orders for parenteral nutrition, costs, time and improved pharmacist interventions for optimizing Neonatal patient care. -Situation: Potential risk for delayed medication administration Action: •Devised accountability document to guarantee accurate medication delivery and timely administration Results: Reconciliation of medication Need at end of shift assures accurate medication supplies are on hand for timely patient care needs. Reduced workflow disruptions, delay of service and unnecessary phone calls -Situation: Increased Risks for Hospitalization Action: Developed interventions that managed and decreased dehydration, improved medication utilization, implemented cost savings, and decreased medication load from average of 8-10 medications to 5 or less per resident Results: Recommended and added Home IV Hydration•Lowered hospitalizations while occupying beds with full census residents enjoying improved health and quality of life while reducing risk for infections and re-hospitalizations. -Situation: Joint Commission Rating Action: Review Nursing Notes. Recommended Notes reconciliation to medication reviews and Plan of care , nursing documentation, adapting to Joint Commission regulations on coordinating care, drug regimen review, care planning, in-service training, and education. Results in Sustained high rating with Joint Commission improving nursing home status and removing one facility from receivership. Promoted and implemented patient education and public health initiatives such as smoking cessation programs, diabetes education and immunizations to a diverse multi-ethnic, multi-lingual population. One Nurse explained concerns over her smoking habits despite having to counsel patients to quit smoking. I wrote a letter recommendation for establishing smoking cessation program for staff. The letter was well received. One year later we had a smoke free program and three years later we had a smoke free campus. Nurses had a program because I explained how the program can save lives, improved care and cost savings. There was a great incentive as funding was available to sustain the program. I am pleased, recognized and proud. I feel fulfilled that every recommendation I made was given serious considerations and was successfully implemented. That alone is better than public recognition.

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United Health group, NYU Langone health /New York Presbyterian or MSK Hospital, VA NY Harbor health Care Or Montrose


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Served at a University Teaching Hospital. Designated Level I Trauma Center delivering around-the-clock care in adult, pediatric, psychiatric and pediatric psychiatric emergencies as well as in cardiology, neurology, toxicology, and neonatology. In addition to providing comprehensive inpatient and outpatient state-of-the-art care, clinical centers included Emergency Medicine and Trauma Care, Cardiovascular Services, Perinatal Center and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Comprehensive Children’s Psychiatric Emergency Program, Cancer Services and Maria Fareri Children's Hospital Prepared and dispensed medication orders per physician request according to established policies, procedures and protocols. Reviewed and accepted orders on Siemens computerized physician order entry for accuracy prior to dispensing. Filled unit-dose medication carts by each nursing unit. Compounded and dispensed pharmaceuticals, including sterile, chemotherapy and parenteral nutritional preparations accurately. Issued controlled substances to patient care areas and maintains records as required by law. Filled and Ensured integrity of emergency cart locks. Reviewed STAT orders ASAP (Administration is within one hour) Reviewed Non - STAT orders for ASAP delivery Provided drug information to medical staff, nursing, other health care professionals as well as patients and their families. Monitored drug therapy regimens for contradictions, drug-drug interactions, drug-food interactions, drug laboratory test interactions, allergies, appropriateness of drug , cost effectiveness, and dose as well as therapeutic duplication. Supervised and trained technicians as well as new pharmacists Managed 100 or more Total parenteral Nutrition orders per day including IV admixtures in Sterile room. Completed projects such as initiate and set up pediatric and neonatal IV services Worked in IV sterile room . Prepared double dilution, neonatal syringes, special and specified Narcotics drips, ophthalmic drops, irrigation solutions, intrathecal syringes oncology-bio-hazard preparation. Compounded non-sterile and oral medication, paper powder for pediatrics and neonatal care. Attended Pharmacy Staff meetings. Completed all competence and Skills assessment requirements Responded to drug information and patient care inquiries for medication , dose, dosing calculations, and safety alerts. Responsible for Relieving night shift.Provided comprehensive pharmacy services with the help of one to two technicians. Responded to phone calls from entire hospital, handled emergencies, medication shortages, Operating room, Maria Ferrari children's Hospital, Psychiatric clinics, Oncology , Medicine, Neurosurgery etc. Evaluated appropriateness of drug therapy based on patient specific factors; individualized drug therapy; evaluated dispensing and providing medications, drug information. Responsible for assuring safety and efficacy of the medication use process in assigned area,reported adverse drug effects, medication errors, and other quality issues. Reviewed patients’ medication profiles and medical records as necessary for appropriate drug selection, dosing, contraindications, side effects, potential drug interactions, and therapeutic outcomes. Provided medication counseling to patients as needed. Documented IV preparation including chemotherapy in compliance with USP 797 and USP 800 guidelines. Utilized automated dispensing systems, IV Robotics, MAK All-Script, other pharmacy automation systems. Participates in multidisciplinary review of patients, evaluated relevant laboratory data, drug-drug and drug-nutrient interactions, monitored for adverse drug effects, and screened for allergies. Reported adverse drug events, near misses, and medication errors according with local policies and procedures. Reviewed and evaluated orders for non-formulary and restricted drugs for appropriateness and compliance based on established criteria and clinical judgement Maintained appropriate record. Completed reports as necessary Other duties as assigned