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Experience Summary SK Engineering and Construction USA (4 years 8 months) Source Inspection Manager (8 Months) Mr. Aldridge currently serves in the capacity of Source Inspection Manager. In this role he is responsible for Coordination of inspection activities on all capital projects. He reports operationally to the Project Procurement Manager (PPM) and reports functionally to the Manager of Procurement and Subcontracts. His responsibilities include the coordination and preparation of Inspection Plans, review of supplier Inspection Plans and QA/QC Documents, organizing and conducting pre-inspection meetings, coordination of third-party inspection agencies, review and issue of inspection reports, and issuance of Inspection Release Notices. Most recently he was assigned as Inspection Coordinator on a 4 billion $US LNG Joint Venture Project with Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR). Project QA Manager (4 years) Mr. Aldridge has served in the capacity of Project QA Manager on numerous projects ranging from 7 million to 4 billion $US. He was instrumental in the development of the SKE&C USA Quality Management System, and established the SKE&C USA Auditor qualification process. In this capacity he reports operationally to the Manager of QA/QC and functionally to the Project Manager. He has served as Project QA Manager on a 650 MW coal-fired power plant in Panama, a 40,000 BPD refinery in Utah, an 8.0 MTPA liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in Lake Charles, LA., and a 600 KTA Polypropylene Plant in Alberta, Canada. His responsibilities include coordination of all the plans for the project manual, preparation of the Quality Plan, coordination and supervision of Quality Management activities of the project, initiation of the necessary corrective actions for any failures identified on the project, and the performance of project related audits and surveillances, as Certified Lead Auditor. He has managed the Risk Program on several Projects and also manages the Corporate Lessons Learned System. Mr. Aldridge also served as the Project Engineer on the 600 KTA Polypropylene plant in Alberta, Canada and has assisted numerous Project Managers in managing projects, including the preparation of scope of work documents, project execution plans, and management of project risks. Aldridge Interests LLP (2 years) Contracted as ExxonMobil Company Senior Quality Consultant and Project Quality Manager, Mr. Aldridge made recommendations for improving the company's quality management process and had overall responsibility for quality on several multi-million dollar offshore Nigeria oil platform projects. Mr. Aldridge developed quality subcontract requirements, invitations to bid, and quality plans assessed subcontractors' qualifications, proposals, and quality management systems and established staffing requirements. Mr. Aldridge also performed staff functions for the organization such as developing standard quality assurance contract requirements for ExxonMobil subcontractors, and prepared the Project Quality Plan model for use as the basis for all ExxonMobil project-specific plans. Mr. Aldridge also performed as Audit Team Leader on quality audits of ExxonMobil subcontractors in Houston as well as in Nigeria. The Shaw Group (formerly Stone & Webster Engineering) (28 years) As QA Manager for Shaw's Process Division, Mr. Aldridge was responsible for the effective implementation of the Shaw quality management system in Baton Rouge, Houston, Milton Keynes, and Toronto. He was also responsible for the supervision of QA staff, the development of proposals of quality assurance services, and the maintenance of the QA Department budget in Houston. In the capacity of Project QA Manager, Mr. Aldridge was responsible for establishing and monitoring the quality of work performed on projects. He proposed and developed project quality plans and implementing procedures. Mr. Aldridge was responsible for the project's internal quality audit and surveillance programs, and ensuring the overall effective implementation of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Mr. Aldridge performed quality audits of Project and Division activities both as an auditor and as a Lead Auditor. Mr. Aldridge assisted in the development of Shaw's worldwide quality management system culminating in its certification to ISO 9001:2000 within 6 months. Mr. Aldridge was instrumental in developing the Shaw - Houston quality management system and reengineering its project management, engineering, procurement, and construction procedures. Mr. Aldridge spent 2 years in Al Khobar as the Manager of Quality Assurance for the Company's Saudi Arabian office. Mr. Aldridge also spent 15 years in the Nuclear Industry having worked as a Licensing Engineer for 3 years on the Nine Mile Point Unit No. 2 Nuclear Power Plant project and 12 years as Engineering Assurance Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, and Quality Assurance Manager on the Nine Mile Unit No. 2 Nuclear Power Plant Project, and the Comanche Peak Unit Nos. 1 and 2 Nuclear Power Plant projects. US Navy Mr. Aldridge was honorably discharged after serving six years in the U.S. Navy's nuclear power program where he served on board a nuclear powered submarine and a Submarine Tender and qualified as Engine Room Supervisor, Lead Engineering Laboratory Technician, and Radiological Controls Supervisor.