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Sales Sr. Vice President - 20 Years of Experience - Looking for EXPAT Position Abroad


Sales Manager


Gilbert, AZ

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I've always worked international sales and lived abroad as an expat. I came back to do my International MBA at Thunderbird and have been with my current company for 12 years now. I handle international sales but I am based in USA now in Gilbert, Arizona. My wife is Dutch so our goal is to be based in Europe or in Asia as an EXPAT for a USA company living abroad. It is critical to have American executive sales management staff to manage corporate governance for American companies selling and/or manufacturing and selling internationally. My photographic memory and my ability to learn languages very easily makes me an invaluable asset for any company that will respect and leverage my language skills (I speak 7 languages fluent and can communicate in 10 for business and learning more), my experience, expertise and proven sales track record with over $1 Billion in sales credited to me personally or my direct sales teams over the past 19 plus years of selling and sales management. Please interview me to find out more and what's behind the resume. I love to travel as a road warrior but would rather be based in my assigned territory or region and with my family relocated so I can travel but also be with my family more now that my kids are older (12 and 9 - two boys). I'm very serious about how I work and mange international sales and have the proven track record to run small or very large teams overseas and helping companies grow and expand sales. My strength is Sales leadership and my goal is to work with international company based here in USA but traveling abroad or living abroad to manage regional office and manage sales.