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My career goals are to share these successful, proven methods with new clients and fellow consultants. While doing that, I will be working on Change Management certification, the Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP). I currently have over 12,000 hours of qualifying experience. I need 20+ educational credits. I shepherd organizations to do more, in less time, than they ever thought possible. The formula focuses on both people and process. Work with the informal leaders, who may not necessarily be the managers. You need the people who are credible with both management and employees. They are team players and have the company interests at heart. Provide them structured processes. Focus their skills and enthusiasm, and they will attain performance levels, solve problems, and innovate at levels that can astonish. Working with cross-functional teams, I facilitate diverse groups, who may be in cultural conflict as we begin (e.g., engineering versus marketing). With my guidance, they will act in concert, developing and implementing new solutions. The manufacturing triumvirate of operations, maintenance, and engineering is an example of these clashing sub-cultures. Operations is the steady organization, striving for stability and predictability day-to-day. Maintenance is the fireman, taking pride in dealing with the unexpected, keeping the plant running, pulling operation’s “bacon out of the fire”. Engineering is at a higher level, innovating technology, applying science, developing the future state. They are all very different, but all are needed when it comes to equipment and asset reliability. All their perspectives are necessary to ensure asset predictability. Get the right product out the right door to the right customer, on time. I use Agile to keep everyone on schedule, and on the same page, while training team members in meeting management and group facilitation. My reliability teams collaborate on how to plan and schedule work, removing productivity barriers before they affect work execution. Apply problem-solving and team building techniques using facts and data about equipment “Bad Actors”. Conduct Failure Modes and Effects Analyses, Zero Breakdown Analyses, and apply Single Minute Exchange of Dies to improve preventive maintenance. Develop best practice operating procedures that reflect the best thinking of experienced people whose career matured in the existing, unique production environment and culture. Implement common solutions that don’t require capital expenditures yet increase throughput. Increase manpower utilization. Focus on programs that increase reliability. Reduce maintenance costs. Increase the meantime between failures(MTBF). Reduce the meantime to repair (MTTR). Reduce downtime. Increase reliability. But these teams are not the only I facilitate. Potent cross functional opportunities exist in new product development, capital project management, sales-ops planning to name a few. These team facilitations, managing these projects, is set on a foundation of Change Management, John Kotter style. Engage the organization in a new way of working. Give them the vision to understand the end state, structure to diminish the stress of change, and the skills to get there. Then the stage is set to achieve things that few thought possible. Implementation is a unique prescription of classroom training, hands-on practice and coaching in the workplace. Coach executives on enabling change, managers in leading it and employees supporting it. Throughout, the financial, dollar results of change are measured, reported and signed off by the financial group.


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Pennsylvania State University Business Administration 1975 Bachelor Degree

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Book Organizational Culture and Leadership media url The origins and elements of corporate culture.
Book Corporate Survival Guide media url Assessing and changing corporate culture




Published multiple articles in Solutions magazine, the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals.

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Enterprise Products, Tampa Electric, Exelon


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Project Design and Management, business development, client relationship and satisfaction, financial analysis, proposal writing, communications planning, development and delivery of client and consultant training, coordination of multiple, cross-functional work streams, development of new consultant technologies, facilitation of cross-functional work sessions, information technology assessment.