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I am an executive leader in front end innovation. I lead the teams that translate ideas into innovation and project roadmaps into commercializable technologies. As a PhD in applied physics / electrical and computer engineering, I have the technology and research background to guide every function within the innovation arm of the company. In my current role, I have the flexibility to set the strategic ambitions in terms of resources (labor/time and financial investment) and have impact on the marketing/brand story we tell. However, I am most effective when I influence executive leadership to see my vision for innovation and growth and when I can mentor my teams to deliver what those executives might consider impossible—technologically, financially, and strategically. I welcome the challenges that the innovation function demands and have beaten virtually every innovation metric we could quantify. In fact, I have opened pathways to $1.5B career-to-date in innovation across nearly 50 pipeline projects in the hygiene, informatics, healthcare, medicine, environmental, and government sectors. If there is a boundary to what most think is achievable, I am committed to pushing beyond conventional wisdom, no matter the industry or technology stack. As a leader, I support my teams directly with exceptional communication, so they understand their mission with deep clarity and feel sufficiently safe in our collaboration to ask the hardest and most uncomfortable questions, knowing they collectively exceed the potential of any single individual. To that end, you’ll find me “under the umbrella” with my team, giving them the tools and security to try something new, maybe even to deliver the impossible. R&D is my passion, and with a vision for innovation I continually seek intellectual challenge, to push product development boundaries, and to be part of something great that makes a difference.


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Portland State University Applied Physics/Electrical and Computer Engineering 2004 Doctorate Degree
Portland State University Physics/Chemistry 2001 Master Degree
Portland State University Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science 1999 Bachelor Degree

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â Led predevelopment team to earn recognition as best-in-class 2016–2019. Upon promotion to lead former team, co-created mission “to understand, to communicate, to innovate.”  Outcomes: Wins included 90% representation in top box performers and 50% of top box performers (entire oral healthcare division) coming from predevelopment team. â Formed cross-functional competency groups to drive double-digit growth for 16 quarters. Worked with peer leaders to craft highly productive product teams, improving innovation pipeline feeding into development and maintaining existing market offerings, gracefully stepping outside role to break down silos and build comprehensive, cross-functional view from multiple perspectives.  Outcomes: Group’s upgraded yield elevated all relevant analytics: 100% of predevelopment on quality (2% field call rate for final product) | Average 4.1 product star rating (2019, up from 3.5 in 2017) | Time to market against plan 96% in PTB, 100% in adjacencies; total TTM 18months (down from 24 months in 2015) | 100% research on-time delivery (2016-2019), 100% budget adherence in predevelopment (2016-2019), Development/Industrialization budget adherence: 90% (2019, up from 76% in 2016) | 100% on design review quality; 100% deliverables on time. â Established governance structure supporting nearly +100% of annual innovations goal for incubator fund for investigations of organic and inorganic technologies. Organized predevelopment group structure and governance protocols for pipeline development and, setting standards for collaboration, investment structure, and other critical building blocks to pipeline growth.  Outcomes: Strategy yielded: +20% engagement scores cross-department, 100% engagement within pre-development team (up from 30%), targeting most challenging yet feasible technologies that stretch market boundaries and stymie market competition. Resulted in 7 technologies transferred from Philips Research, and 2 external technology acquisitions. Successes resulted in budget growth from $400K (2018) to $1.2M (2019) to $2.6M (2020). â Earned adoption and cross-functional approval for extended portfolio (15-year) roadmap. Invited input from stakeholders across innovation–market–order–cash continuum (including regulatory, clinical, procurement, marcomm, and operations / manufacturing), aligning brand at every pipeline stage to “Caring Technology” mission.  Outcomes: Stepped outside core expertise to lead development of single vision across oral healthcare. â Led collaborative way of working to meet KPIs from all contributing teams, resulting in 5-year competency development roadmap. In Kaizen workshop, created partnerships across development, intellectual property, scientific affairs, quality, regulatory, safety, and dental / clinical SME teams to build new coordinated process.  Outcomes: Reduced platform budget variance from +/-10% to +/-3%; achieved 90% predictive field call rate at commercial release; closed 90% of CAPAs by 6 months of commercial release; assured 90% of products reaching envisioned superiority / desirability targets; achieved 95%+ field cost price on target. â Reframed predevelopment project plan, accelerating delivery ~40% (80% over 2011); won North America Philips Excellence Competition for Lean / Agile Project Management. Guided technical expertise of team, stepping in as interim project manager to provide end-to-end leadership.  Outcomes: Documented and formalized reproducible project plan / process that ultimately became predevelopment standard for all of oral health care, which led to $3M / year net new sales and provided strategy to fast-track predevelopment work up to 80% and overall development by up to 40%. â Produced technology wins assuring continued performance of product subcategory. Led 5 Open Innovation projects and 3 technologies transfers from Philips Research (7 of 8 transferred as scheduled).  Outcomes: Team achieved 95+% platform quality, financial, and time-to-market targets. Delivered all assigned projects on time, at proper cost, and at desired margin (~70%) through following roadmap. â Established partnership with University of Washington. Accelerated safety and efficacy tests and validated novel ex-vivo oral model.  Outcomes: Partnered with university, which validated model, leading to acceleration of safety and efficacy testing and allowed in-vivo study derisking. Relationship thus yielded 20X ROI for Philips. â Top box performer, Royal Philips, Bothell, WA, 2012–2016, 2018, 2019. â Awardee, Philips Excellence competition, 2016, 2018. â Awardee, Philips Accelerate Transformation award, Royal Philips, Bothell, WA, 2014. â Awardee, Philips “Take Ownership” award , Royal Philips, Bothell, WA, 2012, 2013. â Awardee, Philips Excellence Award, Royal Philips, Bothell, WA, 2014 â Awardee, R&D 100, Award, Ultrasonic Algal Biofuels Harvester, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2010 â Awardee, R&D 100, Award, Portable Acoustic Cytometer, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2007. â Awards@LIFE Performance Award, 2012. â Site Safety Committee Chairperson Award, 2011. â Performance Award for Algal Biofuels Consortium Development work, 2011. â NNSA Environmental Stewardship Award, 2011. â Awards@LIFE Performance Award, 2011. â NNSA Medal from D’Agostino, Administrator of NNSA, 2009. â LANL Performance Award for Flow Cytometry Development, 2008. â LANL Distinguished Licensing Award, 2008. â Federal Laboratory Consortium Licensing Award, 2008. â LANL Performance Award for Radioisotope Production, 2006. â LANL Distinguished Patent Award, 2006. â LANL Achievement Award, 2006.

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Intellectual Ventures, Institute for Systems Biology, GE Medical, Microsoft Research, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


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Thoroughly tested R&D and Product Development Expertise, and Business Acuity  Product Development Strategies  Cross-functional Collaboration  Innovation Strategy  Merger and Acquisition  Technology Transfer  Clinical and R&D Leadership  Product Development Lifecycle  Mechanical and Electromechanical Technologies  Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance  Medical Devices, Healthcare and Biomedical Products  Team Recruitment, Development and Management  Manufacturing and Engineering Practices