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Data Analyst - 1 Years of Experience - New York


Business Analyst


New York, NY

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I spent four years at Union College studying mathematics and economics. During which time, I found myself as a person who would like to solve problems in a rigorous and analytical way. I did several mathematical researches with professors. For example, I researched in game theory for a year and made application in auction house and optimal bidding strategy. I also participated in Mathematical Contest in Modeling to build my analytical way of thinking. As a team of three, we started from scratch and built the model simulating the energy structure of a tree’s leaf, then find out the correlation between the leaves and the tree. We collected data via various sources and tested the efficiency and robustness of the model using R, excel and Eviews. Also, I worked as an academic tutor for more than 1 year to train myself to be more comfortable to communicate with people in different kind, and also the ability to present things in a clear and comprehensive way. Right now, I just graduated from Columbia University majoring in Statistics. During the one and half year of studying, I greatly enhance my analytical abilities by learning so many statistical courses and tools, including data mining, generalized linear models, nonparametric modeling and so on. I applied those attributes to many different fields by doing data-driven team project, such as risk management, predictions for Treasury Bonds and data mining. I really want to apply my analytic abilities to real world problems, and at the meantime, I would also like to expose myself to client for a better understanding of the customer needs.