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Electronics Engineer


Electronics Engineer


Los Angeles, CA

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My name is Rohit Ramanan. I am a graduate student pursuing my MS in Electrical Engineering at University of Southern California (USC) specializing in mixed signal/RF IC design, data converters (ADC's and DACā??s). I have always been a math buff and pursing Analog IC Design came naturally to me as it has a great blend of math, physics and electronics. I am also passionate about designing and testing electronic circuits. As part of a course at USC, I designed and built an entire wireless receiver using bipolar junction transistors, and verified the RF system by making detailed measurements using spectrum analyzers(SA) and signal generators and digital storage oscilloscopes(DSO). I also worked under Professor Ali Zadeh in testing analog circuits using IBM process. To further my understanding of digital signal processing I have taken courses on data converters which involved coding in MATLAB. In this project we designed an 8-bit Analog to Digital Converter using SAR logic with a sampling rate of 10GB/s using time interleaving principle. I am also well versed in MS Office. I have also designed websites using HTML coding and I have very good knowledge of web designing in .NET framework using C# and also good knowledge in SQL server management studio. In my Masters program at USC I have taken the opportunity to develop my understanding and skills in VLSI design, RF design, Nanofabrication techniques, Data converters, and Communication electronics. I am excited about pursuing opportunities as an Entry Level Engineer.