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RICARDO M. CASTELLANOS Sugarland, TX 77083 832 618 2065 BILINGUAL - MOTIVATIONAL PLANT MANAGER, INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL SPECIALIST, ISO & QA & QC MANAGER REDUCE COSTS | MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE | IMPROVE COMPLIANCE | INCREASE SAFETY Analytical technical leader with oil and gas industry experience for developing collaborative leadership teams on integrating and improving key indicators, and transforming a plant into a safe and efficient environment. Hands on professional utilizing extensive expertise to design and teach technical courses to staff, distributors, and customers on methods and processes for saving money and increasing quality. Known for personal credibility, integrity, and effective communication while leading by example, instilling these qualities in operations management, planning and implementing production processes in drilling, water treatment, plastics, and coatings. Support the testing and development of new products, translating customer needs, improving customer satisfaction and customer service. Hydraulic Systems, Valves & Formulating Drilling Fluids | Total Quality Management Project Management | Program Integration | International Account Management Strategic Planning | New Product Development | Customer Service Cross-Functional Team Development & Management | Bilingual (Spanish & English)


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Halliburton Energy Drilling Fluids Engineer 2007 Specialist Degree
University of Phoenix MBA - Operations Management 2005 Master Degree
University of Houston Chemistry 1995 Bachelor Degree
University of El Salvador Chemical Engineering 1981 Bachelor Degree

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Magazine Chemical Engineers at Work media url Topics on "hands on" solutions to problems at processing plants
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• Improved overall quality of products applying ISO 9001 and TQM programs. • Achieved positive work environment and instilled pride in job well done for each employee by implementing and writing job processes and guidelines, empowering workers, motivating and positively reinforcing excellence. • Enhanced customer satisfaction by listening to customers, translating needs into new orders for customer service, managing supply of raw materials for rigs in conjunctions with logistics, following up on shipments, ensuring on-time arrivals at destination. • Improved system compliance by performing audits to quality system standards such as ISO 9000. • Success applying cost reduction in operations by reformulating drilling fluids according to geology of the site. Polymers were changed and quantities were reduced. Corrected system failures by developing strategy, inspecting production lines and processes, verifying proper operation, analyzing each mechanism and chemical reaction, reaching conclusions, pinpointing problems, writing corrective action, gathering feedback, controlling non-conforming products, using statistical techniques, ensuring problem resolved.

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Nalco., SABIC, Shell, Fluor Daniels, Sherwin Williams, PPG, Procter and Gamble, DOW Chemicals, BASF, Exxon, Chevron, U of H, University of Phoenix, Plastics INC, Carterpilar


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International Tech Service Specialist, North Belt Technical Center Provided international technical support to net of distributors in Latin America and USA. • Maximized Baroid products performance in field and laboratory saved up to $100K per borehole by advising customers, conducting field and lab experiments and reasoning, developing and teaching technical courses on drilling fluids, chemical reactions of fluids, directional drilling, geothermal drilling, cementing, pilots and construction, and water well drilling. • Created positive cash flow and improved distributor information on payments by managing International accounts, coordinating customer shipments, conducting visits and supporting local operations, following up on payment cycles and negotiating distributor credit limits (Halliburton Financial Services). • Improved eficiencies and enhanced drilling operation speed, reduced use of polymers and chemicals in drilling fluids by providing international technical training to distributors and customers in South America, Central America, and Caribbean for completing boreholes, ensuring productivity in water, steam, gold or oil. • Encouraged job initiative and pride by instructing supervisors in organizing teams, executing log items, empowering teams in being proactive, allowing reorganization within teams based on experience in planning and implementing production processes for drilling, water treatment, plastics, and coating operations, documenting activities daily on customer orders.