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This is my cover gives a short timeline and the duties I performed... James David Solomon________________________________________ 11600 Monterey Road, Eads, TN 38028 Res: (901) 853-9870 – Attn: Department of Human Resources Re: Pharmacist Position Dear Director of Human Resources: With great interest I read your posting for the Pharmacist position on one of the Internet Pharmacy Job sites. I truly believe myself to be an excellent candidate for your pharmacy position in Memphis, TN. Please take a look at my attached resume for a more detailed time line of my experience. Below is a condensed outline of my skills and experience. With my most recent employment as a Staff Pharmacist for Accredo Specialty Pharmacy, a division of Express Scripts, I held a full-time position in their general processing department which included several team categories for various drugs. At the time I was laid off due to a needed reduction in force as a result of organizational restructuring, it had only been a short time since I’d had a favorable job review and was awarded a raise in salary. Quite a large, but undisclosed number of personnel were notified on the same day, without any advance notice that their positions had also been eliminated. We were very appreciative of the generous severance packages given to us by Accredo. In my position at Accredo, I was on the RA and I team (rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory diseases) where I did computer processing of nationwide prescriptions. All of these scripts were checked by me for accuracy and other criteria before being released for shipping. I worked closely with a large group of certified and licensed pharmacy technicians. At my fairly recent, but lengthy employment as Pharmacy Manager of Fred’s, Inc. Collierville, TN store, I had the opportunity to use my management and personal skills to increase their business from a total of 25 prescriptions per day to an average of 250+ per day. Prior to my nearly 20 years with Fred’s, I owned my own retail drugstore both as a Super D franchise and an independent, which was sold to Fred’s in 1995. I became their Pharmacy Manager at that time. Through my abilities to handle all facets of customer skills as well as management responsibilities, I consistently maintained my store in the top level of performance for my district. My annual employee assessments will show my always favorable work performance records throughout the years with Fred’s. My abilities as a communicator and problem solver enabled me to maintain most of the same and new customers for all the years of my employment with Fred’s. While always busy, my customers recognized their importance to me and my employer. In my loyal customer base, many were “second generation”. My skills include DUR’s, patient profiles, exceptional phone skills for both patients and physicians, plus all the day to day normal demands of completing exacting prescriptions in a very competent and efficient manner. Additionally, there was a large volume of record keeping and the management of several busy technicians. My skill-set is extensive and very well balanced. I’m very task oriented, efficient and motivated, plus I truly enjoy working in my chosen field. I have always been noted as a team player. My health is excellent, only having missed less than five days of work during my entire career due to illness. I’m up to date on expertise in my field and all of my licenses are current and up to date. My current situation is that I could begin work with only a short notice. To sum up, I believe that I have the skills and characteristics that your position requires and would very much appreciate your consideration for the Pharmacist position. Your time is greatly appreciated and I hope that you might allow me the opportunity to become a member of your team. I have attached my resume for your review and I look forward to speaking with you further regarding your available position. Sincerely, James David Solomon Encl.: Resume