Kate G

Chemistry and Biology Teacher and Sales Professional--7 years experience--seeing Medical Sales Position


Biological Science Teacher

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Despite the rewarding feeling I have experienced through positively influencing the lives and career choices of the students I teach, the teaching profession does not provide an environment of meritocracy, nor does it reward top performers. I’m very interested in finding a profession where I am directly compensated based on my hard work, determination, discipline, perseverance and most importantly – results! In order for you to better understand my work ethic, motivation, and drive, it is important for me to detail one of my typical work days: • At 3:30am, I wake up so that I can arrive to the gym by 4:15am. Since I am an avid runner, my daily run and workout is a necessity and provides a sense of accomplishment to the start of the day. • By 6:30am I arrive to work, so that I can tutor struggling students before school begins at 7:30am. • The work day continues with labs and lectures until 2:00pm. • Again, I tutor students that struggling with lecture material until around 5:00pm. • After having only a modest break for dinner, grading of tests and papers begins and lasts for an hour. Since I am clearly not afraid of hard work and dedication, as evidenced in my 15-16 hour work days, I would like to find a career/company where I can apply this same work ethic and also be compensated proportionately based on my individual contribution to the organization. I feel that by applying this same work ethic to my sales process, I would be an incredibly valuable asset to your team! After graduation from the University of California, Irvine in 2008 with a B.S. in Biological Sciences and a Minor in Art History, I accepted a position with Quest Diagnostics to expose myself to clinical laboratory diagnostics and research. In an attempt to pursue a sales career, I then accepted an account executive position with a loan company. I continued to gain sales experience while working for Jenny Craig as the Program Sales Director. In my quest to continually further my education, I earned my Masters degree in Education and teaching credentials in both Chemistry and Biology. Through my teaching experience, I have gained the necessary communication and presentation skills to aggressively pursue my sales career. My ability to speak and interact energetically with a diverse audience, my laboratory knowledge and experience, and my sales background will make me a valuable asset to any company. In addition, I feel that I will be able to seamlessly transition into an effective sales representative role and generate successful sales outcomes due to my ability to: • Present detailed information to a diverse audience • Effectively communicate • Demonstrate my in-depth scientific knowledge and aptitude • Differentiate concepts to meet the needs of the client • Accommodate, handle, and relate to people with differing personalities • Organize and multi-task Thank you again for considering my application for this position. Please reach out to me with any questions. I look forward to scheduling an initial phone interview to discuss mutual interest.