Hal M

Sales Engineer - 20 Years of Experience - Near Phoenix, AZ


Sales Engineer

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What can I do for your company? I interface well with clients. I am accustomed to being in front of decision makers. I listen to what clients are saying, I confirm what they said, I determine the realistic delivery of the needed services, I interface with the internal departments for delivery and all expectations, I keep the client informed, and I follow-up after delivery. That means: On-time, As-promised, at the correct price with 100% customer satisfaction! I call that the “No Surprises Installation.” As I examine my various experiences and jobs, customer interface has been my single greatest duty. I know how to close the deal. My multi-faceted, broad technical background brings instant credibility to sales process. Sales Reps get in the door but I cement the deal! I have hands-on experience including global networks, multi-domains, call centers, video conferencing, PBX, dialing plans, network security, switched and routed networks, VOIP, VLAN, satellites, commercial bidding, education networks, and much more all the way down to equipment closets, UPS, commercial codes for cabling and fiber installations. I’m an experienced, self-managed, highly accountable professional. I have the highest personal ethical standards. I’m reliable, consistent and have the highest expectations of myself. Successful at building and directing high-performance teams that collaborate as focused units to achieve aggressive business goals. Excellent leadership skills; able to guide, train, and motivate teams. I am a team player and naturally tend to step into leadership roles. My high “D” personality drives me, and those around me, toward completion of tasks. I am accomplished in running large complex projects. You can hand me your largest projects knowing that they will be bid correctly, run efficiently, and delivered on time and within budget. I run projects that routinely last nine to fifteen months. I have project managed internal crews, multi-departments and outside vendors. This is my promise to you.