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Civil Engineer - Entry Level(Construction Mngmnt, Surveying) - Near 80249


Civil Engineer

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My name is Ross Desterhouse, I have a major in Civil Engineering (Emphasis; Construction Management/Geotech) I graduated from CU Boulder in May of 2011. Not only will I be committed to working for your firm but in addition I have plenty to offer if given the opportunity to work for your company. Over fifteen years of working experience with various contractors, construction managers and construction personnel along with my degree has given me a well-rounded perspective allowing me to adjust and acclimate to any given situation. While in school I was a Teacher’s Assistant for a Geomatics course, which is CU Boulder’s engineering course that covers all types of surveying equipment, surveying procedure and analysis. Many courses required extensive use of Excel, AutoCAD Civil/3D (two years of classes that used AutoCAD Civil/3D), as well as various other sketching/drawing/drafting type programs. Prior to returning to college in my late twenties, I worked in various jobs relating to my degree (15+ years; grounds keeper for Greeley Parks and Rec, assistant foreman for concrete (footers and walls), minor (electrical, h-vac, hardwood flooring and plumbing), framing predominately residential (started with track homes then progressed to custom and estate, along with some commercial), drilling rigs (1 year as a motor-man), an internship during school as a Soil Inspector with Denver Water and after I graduated I worked in the field as a Lead on site Geologist for Weatherford until 12/14 where I transferred to Columbine Logging taking the position of Geosteerer. Given a challenge, be it learning paper work and computer programs to on-site management and leadership skills, I feel comfortable and ready to adapt to whatever situation arises. I am negotiable with my salary and flexible with work schedules. If chosen and given the opportunity to be part of your firm’s team I will declare to contribute to the company’s success.