Deedar Ali L

Accountant - 13 Years of Experience - Near 72000



Education Level:


Will Relocate:



• Preparation and recording of final settlements of members on cessation of employment and also providing the information of members’ balances to trustees to assist them in considering and sanctioning refundable and non refundable loans requested by members and so ensuring compliance with Income Tax Rules 2002 (Chapter XV : Recognized Provident Funds, Approved Superannuating Funds and Approved Gratuity Funds). • Working on the different investments made by the fund calculating the profits earned by the fund and distribution of these profits to members ‘account. • Preparing the bank reconciliations of the fund bank accounts. • Dealing with the Zakat issues of the fund thus ensuring compliance with Zakat & Ushr Ordinance 1980. • Assisting in the external audit of the fund on behalf of trustees and assisting them in filing of the audited financial statements with the commissioner of income tax and get income tax exemption certificate periodically. • Development of audit & Accounting strategy and plan, which involves system review, risk analysis and development of audit & Accounting tests aimed at reducing risks execution and completion of various assignments. • Review of internal control procedures to ensure adherence to management policies and control procedures and to suggest improvements thereon. • Worked as job in charge on various clients, assisting the audit & Accounting team and supervision of the Ernst & Young Ford Rhodes Sidat Hyder Chartered accountants audit & accounting process including planning, execution, statutory, group reporting and completion of field work. • Finalizing an audit and accordance with International Standards on Auditing and Global Audit methodology. • Review of corporate matters and ensuring compliance thereon in the light of Code of Corporate Governance. • Review of Corporate Annual Income Tax Returns under normal and final tax regimes. • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with the requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards and Regulatory requirements. • Identifying and summarizing material audit issues and differences during the audit and assisting engagement director and partner in resolving the material issues identified.