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Clinical Pharmacovigilance/Drug Safety - 5 Years of Experience - Near 77030


Clinical Pharmacovigilance/Drug Safety


Houston, TX

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Summary of Professional Experience Physician surgeon scientist in the field of cell biology, with emphasis on the molecular biology of neoplasms, cell signaling, target identification and cancer biomarkers. Solid experience in ex vivo analysis of tumor cells by FACS, IHC and ELISA as well as maintaining and cultivating cells, coordinating in vitro research and managing a wide range of projects in fast-paced environments. Proficient in in vitro experimentation, including standard methods of tumor extraction, proper handling of chemotherapeutics, tumor measurement, health monitoring, as well as data collection and analysis. Skilled in setting scientific direction and overseeing technical staffing involving multidisciplinary teams of clinicians and basic science researchers. Skilled in academic laboratory leadership, developing novel assays and publishing results in collaboration with clinicians and academic colleagues. Extensive knowledge in performing conventional investigations in cellular biology in addition to molecular and biochemical research. Professional Highlights 2015 - 2016 Full Time Students-Master of Science in Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore, MD-USA 2013 - 2014 Collaborating Professor (Ad Honorem) University of Sao Paulo-PR, Brazil/ University Illinois-Chicago, Chicago, IL Responsibilities: Completing my independent research in the development of various sulfur- amino acid effects on pancreatic cancer. Maintained accurate records of work undertaken. Generated manuscripts for publication in peer reviewed Journals. Formulating new research proposals. 2011 - 2014 Visiting Professor in the Dept. of Surgery, University of Sao Paulo-RP, Brazil. Responsibilities: Active researcher and mentor to undergraduate and post-graduate students in the field of cancer research. Research laboratory supervisor and instructor. Maintained laboratory machinery and ensured appropriate use of flow cytometric equipment, microscopy equipment, laminar flow hoods, incubators, molecular biology/biochemistry equipment, etc. Conducted independent research in cancer biology and elucidation of tumor growth, processed results and interpreted data towards the generation and publication of manuscripts in peer reviewed journals. Supervisor: Dr. Sebastião dos Santos, MD, PhD, Department of Surgery of 5 Maximo A. Benavides, M.D., M.Sc. +1 (312) 789-5667 2009 - 2010 Invited Professor -Department of Gynecology and Breast Cancer Surgery. University of Sao Paulo -RP Brazil. Responsibilities: Lecturing professor with the department. Taught various classes in biochemistry and molecular biology related to DNA-methylation and S- glutathionylation in post-translational modification of proteins involved in nitrosative and oxidative stress, cell signaling and preventing irreversible oxidation of protein thiols within the graduate school program. Supervisor: Dr. D. Tiezzi, MD, PhD





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