Andre C

Construction Assistant - 20 Years of Experience - Near G1K2A


Construction Assistant

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I'm an entrepreneur with a wide range of expériences from construction project in cost, ranging between 6 to 33 million dollars. These project where handled by myself as a project director, and as project manager, for the construction of high rise towers ranging from 6 to 14 floors (Concrete Structures)for the condo properties of 35 to 121 units. Being an entrepreneur and seeking to launch a new block concept product, which I've been granted USA patent todate. I will arange the START-Up of my Branded name Cossette Concrete Industries, such as This affiliated company will be as an engineering firm, providing the designing of structural projects, aswell as the project management task for any owner willing to developpe its building construction projects, with my patented concept of concrete blocks withholding these characteristics; (65 dB Sound Barrier, Thermal, Structural, Architecetural & Resistant to Earthquake, Tornado $ Hurricanes). My back grounds are into these fields, Machinist, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial process such manufacturing Manutation équipements as conayors, elevators, hydrolique tables, Injection molds used for processing plastic injection. I've aquired experince into the overhauling of cessna engines for small airplanes. I've operated heavy load trucks for long haul across america. I've constructed residential homes as labor. I've created and designed inductrial Tools-patented and onto the market today by Milwaukee Tools... As I've mention I'm an entrepreneur seeking partnership with some other entrepreneurs. Andre Cossette (581) 777-2319