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I have succeeded at all levels of member/customer service and management in many different industries such as car rental, convalescent hospital care, retail, industrial product sales, and most recently within the Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug industry. In all of my professional experience, I have mastered the proper interaction and positive results on three different levels: members, co-workers, and the company’s executive branch/share holders. I know that every position in a large company requires a level of compliance and thorough understanding of the industry’s expectations and refulations. My personal strenghs include working alongside the memberservice representatives, training others to empower themselves for all future situations, and providing a stable and reliable figure that is always available and working alongside my team…creating a bond within the team by showing that I do not expect anyone to do things that I do not take on as a personal responsibility whenever it comes across my desk. Basically, I feel a leader is most effective when he or she leads by example. “Do as I do….not just do as I say.” I say this because many people have different styles of learning and incorporating positive practices into their daily mode of operation. In addition to achieving my AHIP certification, I have been promoted many times for a job well-done. Because of my promotions, I have a broad scope of expertise that facilitates a mutually beneficial experience for all parties involved that I use in fostering and instructing Customer Service Representatives in order to grasp the importance of their daily interactions with customers and management within the company as well. In my experience within the Sales Support Unit at SCAN Health Plan for the last few years, I have experienced first-hand the absolute importance our providers of services and benefit management organizations mean to someone that is elderly, ill, or just needing affordable and high quality health care. I have dedicated my full focus and attention to incorporating all of my business acumen and tools I have learned and acquired in my professional experience over the last two decades to incorporate a continuous mixture of customer service, sales management, relationship building, instruction providing/teaching, along with the main trait that involves being the most knowledgeable floor-leader that “rolls up his sleeves and is the person always on the front line that is the first to arrive every day and the last to leave every evening.” I just want to leave you with a thought that I thrive off communication whether it is spoken or written in order to facilitate a complete understanding of the situation and all necessary steps to achieve a successful outcome, whether it is with a physician’s office, administrator at a medical group, or a member seeking a clear understanding of how their benefits will work in a specific situation. It is an acronym that I live by in my daily customer service role and preach to everyone in the customer service field as a set of goals we should always hold close in our daily activities. These are the basic tenets I use in every step of addressing my position’s functions. They break down into an acronym that spells out S.A.F.E.H. It means: Speed: addressing a client's question/need as quickly as possible Accuracy: being meticulous whenever performing your job duties or representing the company or yourself as a figure of the company. Flexibility: consider any and all possible ways to solve a client's needs, even if it involves additional effort from you or your resources to get it done. Empathy: listen and internalize the customer's plight. If they are pushing to address a "hard dead-line", understand the importance of meeting this deadline and solidify yourself as a powerful ally that will strengthen your company's business relationship when competitors show up at your client's office soliciting for their business. Heroic Recovery: when all else looks grim in finding a viable solution for a nagging problem, strive to be the savior in their process that "hits a game-winning home run in the bottom of the ninth inning!" I hope that you find my resume and explanation of my experience in line with your position’s needs. I would love to become a member of the Molina Health Care team! Should you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact me either via my cell phone at 562-981-4618 or via e-mail at Thank you for reviewing my resume and work history! Sincere Regards, Michael Torres