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My name is Rob Walker and I am an Environmental Specialist, Consultant and Chemist. I graduated with a degree in Environmental Science, and various experiences in the environmental world from green business development and management, to Hazardous Waste operations and Environmental Health and Safety. Triumvirate Environmental where I have had the most influential experience and truly has grown my knowledge of the environmental world from regulatory drives and safe practices of extremely hazardous material. I see to ensure that companies/people follow certain standards and guidelines and protecting their staff and their business areas. I think it is important to inform people when they are unsure of what procedures they need to be following. The Environmental rules and Health and Safety procedures are in place to protect people working and the public surrounding that area and is extremely important to adhere to these procedures. I have completed a number of relevant courses to this end, including the OSHA 40hr-HAZWOPER Certification I and currently in progress of my NASP Environmental Health and Safety Specialist Certification. I pay close attention to detail, have excellent people skills and I possess the ability to be assertive but discrete. I have the skills to help educate the public and/or company employee about safety, health and other environmental issues by helping to develop informational materials and I have the ability to respond immediately during an emergency. Through my internships and jobs I have gained experiences none can get through a formal education; I authored a report in 2011 for the Town Of Newtown (CT) Land Use and Conservation Agency linking contaminants polluting a main river to a significant decrease in Macro and Micro Invertebrate spawning. At my time with General Electric’s Environmental Health and Safety Corporate Division, in which I helped compile an analysis of Corporate Responsibility Reports (including ESA’s), and a year-end roll-up analysis of environmental metrics while dealing with daily Environmental Health and Safety infractions within the company (Globally) that were of high priority. In addition last fall, I interned for Voltrek, an electric vehicle power supply company in Andover, MA. I represented Voltrek in meetings with public and private entities as a consultant, and coordinated installations with contractors. My thesis, “A Feasibility Study: On-Campus Wide PHEV, EV, and EREV Fleet Conversion Investment” was inspired by my Voltrek experience, and outlines the implementation of a charging station on the Endicott College campus. At Triumvirate Environmental I have done a range of work in the field and as data metrics. I have been an OSS agent (On Site Support), Environmental Chemist, an Environmental Specialist for many reputable institutions. I have ranged in fields form Health Care & Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, Higher Educations Schools/College and Universities, including State and Federal Work. On top of all this I am part of an Emergency Response team, where 24 hours a day I am on call to my clients if there is an emergency in which they need my immediate help due to an imposing threat to human health of the apposing environment. I believe I have much to learn from your company but I also see myself being a valuable asset to your team and to perform my duties above expectations.