Charlene K

Registered Nurse - 20 Years of Experience - Near 60156


Registered Nurse

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OBJECTIVE: To obtain a challenging, responsible, and enjoyable position in the field of nursing and To establish good working relationships. EDUCATION: I attended Oakton Community College and obtained my LPN certificate in 1980. I later continued my education at William Rainey Harper College, full-time, while Working full-time, and obtained my RN degree in 1993. I have been certified in IV ​ Therapy, PICC line placement, and certified in 12 lead EKG. I plan on continuing my Education online for my BSN. WORK​​ JOURNEY CARE HOSPICE AND PALLIATIVE CARE EXPERIENCE: BARRINGTON, IL December 2012 – Present I am currently a Case Manager and a Resource Nurse in which I visit pt. and assess pt. and control symptoms of their disease. Call MD’s, families, pharmacies, and help with arrangements on care and order wound care products and monitor care. Chart and order medication. Sometimes do admissions and transfers. Take cases of nurses who have off or on vacation. Monitor HHA’s and nurses. BOWES IN HOME CARE FOX RIVER GROVE, IL May 2009 – December 2012 I was a case manager for Home Health where I would educate pt. on their disease and teach them about their medications and ways to help with their disease. Also, helped them with ways to manage their disease. Also, helped with PICC lines and taught pt. how to use the PICC line and how to flush and infuse their antibiotic. Also, started IV’s for dehydration and drew blood as ordered by physician. Took blood for PT and INR machine and reported results to MD and reported changes to pt. and families. Did admissions and discharges. Arranged for HHA needs when needed. Assessed pt. on a weekly basis and notified MD of changes and concerns.