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JEFFERY STEPHEN FULLER 3120 Buena Vista Highway 706-269-3585 Home Box Springs, GA 31801 762-822-6840 Cell Dear Director: Would a Manufacturing Manager, with 29 years leadership experience, formal education in Business Administration, and extensive training in programs such as Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, be of interest to your organization? And, if this manager was also dedicated to the attainment of organizational performance objectives resulting in making substantial contributions in the workplace, would this too be of interest? If so, please review the enclosed resume in application for a position in Manufacturing Management, Business/ Department Management, Quality Control or related areas. It has been my privilege to have served in leadership positions for an ISO certified leading edge technology manufacturer of aerospace and medical components. Here I led projects in manufacturing, quality control, computerization, and personnel development. In order to effectively participate in the management of projects from major worldwide industries, I continuously sought professional development training/certifications in programs such as those mentioned above (Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing) as well as Constraint Management and Quality Engineering. I kept abreast of the ever changing technologies affecting our organization. Manpower/employee development was key to the success of the company’s performance objectives. I coordinated project workforce needs with local labor/personnel organizations, interviewed, selected and hired new employees, and ensured proper on-going training programs were implemented. As part of the training, each employee was advised of the importance of compliance with company guidelines/policies as well as any federal, state and local rules and regulations. One of the most exciting projects was the start of the new Medical Department in 2004 that resulted with this becoming the highest percentage profit department in the company. This program attracted giants from medical industries and has successfully engaged in 13 different products. It was an opportunity to leave lasting footprints and I take great pride in the opportunity to have been an integral part of this department and its success. Unfortunately, there have been recent management and procedure changes that, after careful consideration, I have decided I no longer wish to support. Therefore, I am seeking a career opportunity elsewhere. I would appreciate the opportunity of meeting with your organization to discuss how I might assist in meeting your company’s performance goals. Thanking you in advance, Jeffery S. Fuller