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Commercial Real Estate Sales Agent

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I have an experience of working as a HVAC and Home appliance Technician for more than 15 years. Listed below is a breakdown of all the works I have done within each of the subcategories. SERVICING OF A/C UNIT: Greasing, and oiling of all moving parts such as bearing, bush of blower, and motor bearing or bush. Cleaning of condenser’s coil, cooling coils with or without chemicals and brushing or combing. Cleaning of electrical contractors strips for single, two or three phase. INSTALLATION OF A/C UNIT: Read, and follow up blue prints. Installing or replacing new or old units. Fixing of new condenser units, air handle units, thermostat, condensate pump, copper piping, drain piping. Brazing, electric and gas welding or cutting, duct works, air balancing, insulation. MECHANICAL WORKS: Repairing of open type compressors. Replacing damaged condensers, compressors, condenser blades, cooling coils, heat pump, blower runner, valves. ELECTRICAL WORKS: Worked with 110v, 220/230v, 360v and 440v. Replacing thermostats, controllers, transformers, pressure switches, flow switches, condenser blower fan. Rewiring of high voltage, and low voltage side. Repair of refrigerator and kitchen equipment’s are oven, range, dish wisher dyer, washing machine, celling fan, exhaust fan GAS WORKS: Vacuuming, pressure testing, electronic leak testing, gas recovery, gas charging of nitrogen, and Freon.