Ghulam Hussain B

Foreign Language & Literature Teacher - 15 Years of Experience - Near 20147


Foreign Language & Literature Teacher

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Greetings! Below is a SUMMARY of my Capabilities: Highly motivated, versatile, and resourceful professional with Master of Arts Degree in Economics, Statistics, and LLB Degree in British and Islamic Jurisprudence’s including Criminal, Civil, and Penal codes seeking a position where to apply diverse experience of excellent communication skills to excel in fast pace and demanding environment. Have comprehensive knowledge of medical, insurance and legal terminology at WHO and International levels. A linguist expert and Public Relations Professional to provide assistance to translate successfully work side by side with various forms of law enforcement agencies both Domestic and International. Excellent Language Analyst with native skills of Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Sindhi, and Seraiki languages. Have commanding fluency in English. Excellent skills of telephone and on-site interpretation with all phases of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation with command in the fields of General Industries, Medical, and Legal sectors involving customer service, arrests, detentions, deportations, and political asylum cases with DHS (Department of Homeland Security) as well as ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement). Master’s working experience of closely interacting with trial cases of ICE in custody cases. Gained education in “Crime intelligence analysis” to provide the knowledge to analyze crime reports, to conduct field interview to gather information to identify and evaluate crime series, trends, and patterns. Gained experience of working with professional interpretation services, social services; immigration consulting, investigating, collecting data on Anti Terrorism Assistance. Graduated three Training Courses in A+ Training, Logic, and Oracle Programming from Digital Corporation, Reston, VA 20147; USA. A Master of using MS Office Suite (Word, Excel; Outlook; and Power-Point), Oracle and Logic Programming, PL/SQL Server 2008, Oracle Reports and Statements with proficiency in SQL Server 2010. Graduated a Special Course of Study in Public Relations Techniques and Journalism, Central Office of Information, London; United Kingdom. Graduated three Post Graduate Training Courses in Urdu from Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad; Pakistan. A Master of preparing crime analysis reports and studies with appropriate visual presentations, such a, maps and link analysis charts. To provide tactical, strategic analysis, and investigative support in major cases of investigations of drug enforcement cases (DEA) HIDTA. To collect information from multiple sources to identify organized crime to create forms of telephone toll analysis, link charts, timelines, flow and intelligence reports, mapping. A celebrated Writer, Editor, Public Relations Professional; and Research Scholar. If you need my skills, just drop a word for my immediate compliance. Sincerely, Ghulam-Hussain Qamar Baloch Native Language Analyst Cell: 703-201-6882