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International Public Relations and Communications Professional- 15 Years of Experience - Near 20009




Washington, DC

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I am seeking full time and contingent work in public relations and communications in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. I am an experienced technical writer and editor with U.S. government project management experience (PDM and COTR/AOTR certification) as well as am Accredited in Public Relations. My expertise includes sectors such as food security and safety, public health and international affairs.


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Blog LinkedIn group media url Currently I'm working to promote the APR Credential through this website including case studies built from current events.
Blog Twitter media url I follow microblogs such as Twitter to help keep me up to date on economics, international relations, business news.
Blog Instagram media url I was active on Instagram for a while but then moved toward developing photo montages, but I'm struggling with the four- second clip, and the bandwidth required to tell a video story.
Book Republic of Spin media url David Greenberg, a Wilson Center Fellow, recently published this book on the history of public relations and the U.S. Presidency.
Book Flash Points The Emerging Crisis in Europe media url This book by George Friedman describes the economic, political and material development of European countries, the historical context of conflict and explains the social ramifications of alternatives as countries grapple with future growth strategies.
Website Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Website media url The Gates Foundation webpage offers a fresh, positive and proactive point of view. It combines entertainment communications tactics to achieve sobering public health objectives.




Convened stakeholders and advocated for India’s potential role in advancing food security innovation in Africa. Contributed to the development and management of the first strategy for hunger and poverty reduction program in India, since the 1960s, valued at $54 M. Co-designed $6.4 M “bridge” agreement with $20 M in industry pledges to strengthen supply chains for agricultural trade between India and African countries. Oversight and participation in market research and communication resulted in 500 retail businesses adjusting practices to market conditions. Built capacity of local industry members on standards of practice governing U.S. Government agreements. Result: Approval of $2.2 M value-chain project. Managed public outreach services and media tours and events with former U.S. Presidents, senior members of Congress, government spokespersons and high-profile donors for disaster relief and recovery responses to the 2004 Southeast Asia tsunami and 2005 South Asia earthquake (Pakistan), Six-Party Talks and Olympic Games. Wrote two award-winning proposals for industry engagement in disaster responses and mobile communications campaigns to eradicate polio among hard to reach populations. Managed international speaker, exchange and grant programs and official outreach that significantly expanded the network of key influencers promoting U.S. foreign policy goals and nearly doubled the budget. State Department's Juanita B. Guess (global) award: Community Liaison Officer of the Year. More than 10 agency performance awards.

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Extensive strategic communications counsel experience including former U.S. Presidents, members of Congress, Celebrities, Officials: Conducts research and analysis and translates insights into effective, strategic recommendations. Expert at conceptualizing and implementing end-to-end activities; political acumen to navigate issues and resolve the challenges of implementation with colleagues from varied backgrounds. Familiarity with emerging metrics for monitoring traditional and social media platforms to identify and quantify public opinion on issues, and inform leadership about trends and opportunities; establishes and sustains media relationships to strengthen positioning through diverse media channels. Demonstrates good judgment, experienced with high-profile media management including internal and external crisis communications.