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Sales Representative

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To Whom It May Concern, Hello my name is Jeremy White; age thirty-two. I am a younger, but experienced Gas and Oil worker. I originate from the Northeast, New York to be precise. I have been centrally working in the Great state of Pennsylvania for the past five years continuously. I have not yet had to leave the Northeast for our Industry. All is well, as I do prefer this. I have recently decided to move to Pittsburgh, to stimulate the relationships I have made in the Northwest corner of Pittsburgh (Moon Area). I am highly trained in most fields of our industry. I have been an integral part of some of the largest projects to ever hit PA. Places include but not limited to; Slippery Rock, Tioga, Pittsburgh, Williamsport, Susquehanna and Montrose. I have excellent work ethics, but cannot work Away from home seven(7) days a week. I can however work those hours if I reside in the area of concern. My skills are laid out simply within my resume. I am not constrained to the skills present on my resume document. I also have interpersonal skills that have made me a reputation as a hard-working, fast paced producer. In the LandMan field I have been known as a Red Agent. In Layman terms, I can talk to anyone in clear conscience, and bring resolve to any situation. In short I will be coming to the area soon and will be resourcing myself in many fashions. I would like the opportunity to meet with and discuss employment with your company. I appreciate your time and I hope you have a great day. Enjoy the rest of your warm season. Sincere and Ready, Jeremy M. White Independent Contractor Notary