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Senior Sales Manager - 12 years Experience - Seattle”


Advertising Sales Agent

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Dear Hiring Manager, Please Note: I wanted to address this letter to you by name, but it was not provided in the on-line job notice. I am extremely interested in this position. Immediately Available: Experienced Dynamic Sales Director with a Passion for Innovation, communication, Team Building and Bottom-Line RESULTS! I have over twenty successful years of experience in sales, of which I have spent the last nine years as a Sales Director for two national firms in the US. As a Regional Sales Director, I successfully directed sales teams in 70 markets in a comprehensive change in thinking and approach. This required a key change in the way customers were approached, and a transformation on how customers perceived the products we offered. One of the most important and difficult lessons I've learned during this time is that change is good! Change keeps the blood flowing and the profits growing. Forward and innovative change, keeps the sales group interested, the customers connected, budgets revitalized and the competition embarrassed. The solutions I will bring to your company are all related to a solid and proven sales approach and a well-defined and successful sales process along with proficient customer communications and enthusiasm. I am extremely confident regarding what is needed to maintain customer retention while building new business revenue channels. These areas are not only where I excel, but it is also the areas I most enjoy. As a Sales Manager, I love to get results—If I am organizing, forecasting, cold calling, coaching, training , and closing sales, I am not only doing what comes naturally to me, I am also doing what I most enjoy. I completely understand the skills that are required to fill this position. My background will show that I possess these skills. I am confident that I can quickly validate my knowledge as Sales Manager during an interview with you. I will demonstrate to you that I will make a positive addition to your company. I would like the opportunity to discuss this position with you in detail, during a personal interview. I can be contacted at 206-430-2122 to make arrangements. Sincerely, Alan S Landis P.S. I would like the opportunity to present a few additional ideas to you in person. Let's get together soon. How about next week?