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Thomas R. PlattSalt Lake City,, Platt Business Consulting Salt Lake City, UtahGeneral Partner 1979 to Present Several of the companies that projects were completed for in the early years, have since gone out of business/sold/changed names/owner/s have passed on, etc. Industries that I have many years experience in include: Transportation, Aerospace (Aviation), Manufacturing, High-Tech, Healthcare (Hospitals), Managed Care Plans (Outlets Pharmacies). Construction, Call Centers, Medical Devices, Printing, among others.Highlights of Qualifications:Over 25 Years Successfully and Profitably Leading Companies Through Niche Marketing, Professional Accounting, Operations, Logistics and Revenue Generation Management. In-depth knowledge of GAAP, FASB, FLSA, GMP, OSHA, JCAHO and Process Improvement. Professional level audit duties for financial, compliance, fiscal practices to assure conformity to fiscal policies. Analyze and determine the effectiveness of internal controls and procedures. Verify deposits of monies and examine and verify related reports. Prepare complete financial statements. I initiate and direct Initial Public Offerings preparations, due diligence, and timely filings with the SEC, to include 10Q’s and 10K’s.Over 10 years as President/CEO/COO for companies in need of leadership, vision, tenacity, an ability to hire, train, and delegate in a timely and appropriate manner, coupled with follow through and more follow through. Customer relations’ foresight. Increased sales from $500,000 to over $50,000,000 over a twenty-month period while increasing bottom line by a minimum of 30% quarterly.Senior Business Analyst in Healthcare Pharmaceutical Disbursement Processes 1990-2006 worked closely with managed care networks to help further and more accurately define the process of diagnosis, patient care, treatments, drug prescription and procurement process. The present technologies in use are fast becoming very cumbersome, easy to allow fraud, need serious updating to communicate more freely with real time situations, further protect against internal as well as external hacking.Communication between parties can be and is at times very sketchy at best. The terminology for the healthcare process needs to be more commonly available and used by all who are involved in the business system from diagnoses to the payment process.Part of what I do in revamping any system that is in trouble or deficient in its performance and accuracy is to examine any and all protocols (examining the specs) associated with the process in question. This also requires working with the regulated agencies involved to ensure compliance with the law governing the particular healthcare regulation. I work with the participants in preparing the corrections to the system that will make it more efficient and capable to handle and perform tasks that the users need to accomplish. Part of troubleshooting involves working with the disbursement agencies to ensure they are following appropriate protocols in the disbursement of funds in a timely and accurate manner.As CEO for a Healthcare Network 1994-1997 was responsible for getting the network out of debt, and into profitability within eighteen months time. . I traveled to the area and spent a week examining the project, making notes and talking to business people in the area as to what the area in general was like for families and business as a whole. I wanted to know the history of the area. Was it growing at all, and if so where? And how? What was its nucleus, what or who were its leader/s? What support industry was present? Was there any new or additional emerging industries coming into the area soon or least the near future? Completed an operational and financial audit of the network to determine whether or not any fraud had occurred at all within the system. Examined all existing contracts and agreements that had any bearing at all on the network either individually and or as a corporation. Examined any and all debt and its history to see what if any avenues were available as potential options for consideration. Examined all accounts receivable and contacted all vendors that we were in trouble with or even a potential for trouble to see about negotiating terms that would be a win, win, or as good as we could get with what we knew at that point. We also made certain no employees were owed any back wages.Looked at the marketing and sales strategy that had been used to that point for the network, and immediately set plans in motion to contract with an outside firm of our acquaintance to handle all marketing and advertising within the next two weeks. Invited them to put together a proposal and give us an initial presentation in one weeks time to let us see the direction we’d be going as per our original request, along with a proposed cost up front, and proposed savings to the network as a result of their work, along with how long it will take to see the savings actually occur.Outsourced as much as possible, saving the system a projected 4.5 million dollars within the next six months. Brought in contracts from outside the region that joined together two facilities in other parts of the network area. Ended up not only saving the current system 50 million dollars from closing down; we also increased sales by 50 million dollars annually for a projected 300 million over the next three years.1997 to 2000I was requested to stayed on as CEO to maintain charge and control of Revenue and Expenses to ensure profitable compliance to the bottom line was enforced with responsibility for planning, managing, directing, coordinating and controlling the overall operation of the hospital network ensuring both short and long term planning functions that develop goals. I provided leadership to ensure attainment of strategic objectives and the delivery of quality, economical health care services and other related lines of business.As Project Manager for a mergers and acquisitions corporation 1993-1994 that was losing money rapidly. Was able to stop the excessive loss of control in spending, turning the operation around to a fully profitable operation. Started with an audit of operations, then accounting, taking the appropriate steps regarding what we uncovered. I merged several companies together to begin with. Had to close others to pay off some significant debt. Was able to restructure other debt, and make arrangements with suppliers and vendors. Made sure all moneys owed employees were satisfied. I stopped the excessive payouts and brought in more clients and pushed forward with more and larger mergers and acquisitions on a greater scale. Began as a junior partner learning the interview process with clients/owners of companies. Learned to take appropriate and copious notes, that would allow me to consider and plan a number of viable options for the clients to consider, in contracting with us to assist them in getting started, or getting them out of trouble and on their way to profitability. I initiated and managed the start of new businesses, the recovery of damaged or non-profitable businesses, and developed additional profit strategies.I Work with local, national and international companies insuring compliance with GAAP, and other established policies and practices. I’ve made and saved companies from 10k per quarter to 35.5m annually through initiation and maintenance of enhancements to A/R, A/P, Payroll, Inventory control, purchasing, cash flow policies, and procedures. Handle capital budgets into the billion-dollar range. Computer terminal operations, personal computers and pertinent software applications. Used interviewing techniques and practices; ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written form; effective interpersonal skills in dealing with sensitive customer situations. Performed one-on-one corporate training with personnel in quality assurance, regarding the repair and maintenance of systems and situations as it related to the company as a whole.Solved product design, material makeup, manufacturing, and distribution problem. Apparently the tool kept breaking in an unusual position and was difficult for customers to use in hot weather for extended periods of time. It was too expensive to produce, even overseas, and there was a very difficult and sensitive communication issue between the distributor and the overseas manufacturer. They just didn’t seem to take each other seriously, and instead of finding a workable solution, they ended up in a finger pointing posture, blaming each other instead of finding a solution, thus costing additional down time and further and deeper headaches and frustrations. After receiving a copy of the specs via email, we studied the specs extensively, considering all possible problem scenarios using the principles of quality assurance on a very acute and succinct scale until we were confident we had come up with some very viable options that would solve the issue. We then prepared a tentative plan of policies and procedures for them to consider. When they met with us in person, and discussed all of the issues in detail and at length, they were excited and surprised at the ideas we presented, and tentatively agreed with our proposal. They immediately contacted their manufacturer, which was overseas, and communicated the changes we recommended. The manufacturer agreed with the changes in material, design, cost savings, and the time frame involved. The distributor/designer was able to timely re-engineer, and reintroduce their product into the market successfully, as well as recoup much of their prior losses, and make huge strides toward the original sales plans they had produced to show the profits possible. Was Chief Negotiator/Interim Director of Operations 1989-1991 on a very sensitive high profile project that was costing $500,000 per day in down time, materials, labor, and contract penalties. Was able to eventually solve the situation and get rid of the “that’s not my job attitude and policy”, to a true teamwork and quality assurance environment. Through careful and delicately timed and negotiated agreements, the workflow was able to continue and we successfully completed the project with the least amount (Finished approximately 7 weeks ahead of projected time allowed for being on track) of continued wasted cost and undue damage. As Director of Operations in the transportation industry 1991-1992 Increased revenue through reducing direct, and indirect costs, through eliminating wasteful and redundant practices and procedures while maintaining safety, integrity, and productivity. Was able to maintain existing labor force and increase profits through effectively introducing correct principles and practices of quality assurance and total quality management. By stopping the bleeding of losing money through wasteful practices, we initiated and maintained a policy of continually striving for zero defect goals. We picked up additional contracts in the LTL market due to our record of safety and on time delivery record.As Director of Operations for Manufacturing 1992-1993 Performed complete capacity requirements audit to plan toward or investigate enhancing existing product production, planning for adding additional/new product feasibility, cost assessment/analysis, and estimated time for setup and availability for delivery of both existing products after changes, and new products after changes, and estimated impact or damage control needed on both public relations and bottom line for any possibility of delay to customers.Education: Columbia College Salt Lake City 1993Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Emphasis in Accounting)


I was the project leader responsible for stopping the continued loss of $500,000.00 per day operationally. I lead the project of turning a possible shut down of a healthcare network that would have cost upwards of $5,000,000.00 to accomplish, into the joining of several additional networks together for a healthy projected $300,000,000.00 profit over the following five year period.